wheels on the bus – s.p. grammar school

October 2010
Principal: Faith Goodie (78); Teacher: Miriam Dennis (27)
Upper Students: Lainey Grimsley(9); Hadley Millett(9); Rosabella Steinman(9); Lauren Schehl(8); Alice London(8); Brooklyn Fontaine(7); Julia Millett(7)
Lower Students: Lewis Huffman(4); Aidan Traver(4); Caitlyn Traver(4) ; Zilla McCarthy(4); Rachael Darling(4); Julius McCarthy(4); Elias McCarthy(4)
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narrated by Miriam Dennis

In September, I began my second year as a lower level teacher here at South Port. Renovations were done over the summer to make room for the growing population. There is talk that if the population boom continues that Millwood will build it’s own school system, but talk is cheap, and building is expensive. For the time being, I’m happy to teach the little ones from both communities.

Seeing the kids walk into the classroom each morning is exciting to me. A new adventure. Most of the time they are well behaved, I’m grateful for the younger grade.

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South Port Grammar School

March 2010-
Principal: Faith Goodie; Teacher: Miriam Dennis
students: Lainey Grimsley, Hadley Millett, Lauren Schehl, Alice London, Julia Millett, Lewis Huffman, Aidan Traver, Caitlyn Traver, Zilla McCarthy, Rachael Darling, Jill Popper, Rosabella Steinman

South Port and Millwood teamed together with their taxes and renovated the Grammar school to have a higher occupancy and a requested preschool room. Principal Goodie had hired Miss Miriam Dennis from a neighboring community to be the preschool teacher, while she retained her post as educator of the upper grades. It was rumored that Principal Goodie would be retiring at the end of the school year, as it was rumored the past three school years.

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