embraces and conflict

may 2032
Bethany Louie (34 years), Zion Sartor (30 years)

TV dinner, again. He’s still unemployed, Bethany doesn’t have any answers.

Commercials flash, loud and bright, and it brings a pang to Bethany’s center, as she thinks of Logan and Mallory. What are they doing at home now?

They stay up late, going to bed only when the sun is on the verge of rising. Tonight, she lingers in the chair, collecting her thoughts. How can she be 34, living with a boy, and playing the part of a woman, but still feel like a child. She’s closed the chapter of living with her sister and family, and even as she embraces the new life ahead, she mourns the loss of the old.

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Louie, Pacelli

a pacelli christmas *mini*

january 2032
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With baby Lucia’s arrival, Ginny prepares for an early January Christmas. It’s untraditional to celebrate after the holiday, and Gemma was upset to delay the holiday, but Ginny had zero intention to lose her standing as the host for Christmas. Besides, she had the nicest house out of any Pacelli, with the most space.

Lucia and Bianca played on the floor, with Silvana spoiling them both equally. She was thrilled to have two granddaughters only four months apart, she was certain they’d be the best of friends. They would even be in the same classroom, so a built in friend when they started school.

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Louie, Pacelli

first christmas

december 2031
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Nico Pacelli (39 years), Erin (38 years), Logan (14 years), Mallory (11 years), Bianca 3 months

With the addition of Bianca, everyone in the household had to adjust. It was a smooth transition for everyone except Mallory and surprisingly, Erin.

Logan took to Bianca instantly, and he encouraged Mallory to talk to her and play. When Bianca began to respond with smiles, it warmed Mallory’s tiny, little heart but only barely.

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Births, Louie, Pacelli

september birthdays 2031

Rosemary Schehl celebrates her first birthday with a quiet afternoon at home. There will be a bigger celebration at Meg’s parents with the whole family, including Irina, who has been most anxious for Rosemary to be big enough to play. For now though, Meg is enjoying the downtime with her family.

She is a near spitting image of her mother, Meg, minus a few of his genetics. Jaron thinks it’s very sweet for their daughter to look like Meg, especially seeing their both girls.

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Louie, Pacelli

are you up or down

december 2030
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Nico Pacelli (38 years), Erin (37 years), Bethany (33 years), Logan (13 years), Mallory (10 years)

Our wedding gift from Nico’s parents was their family restaurant. His older brother Enzo had left the business years before, and Nico had been the one learning the ropes. They had loyal customers, but Nico felt it could really compete with the Red Mill with a renovation.

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