fall births 2017

September 2017
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Annie and Cesar are nearing their third trimester, the fact that there are two babies is something that can’t be hidden. Annie’s more uncomfortable now then she was full-term with Ella, and she still has four months to go. At this point, January seems in the very distant future, but the more uncomfortable Annie gets, maybe she’ll be less inclined on preferring the babies in utero.

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real wasn’t my plan

july 2015
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Lorelei Goss (22 years), Erin Louie (22 years)

narrated by Lorelei

After graduating, I moved back home temporarily. Erin was going to be my roommate, but had to get things settled back at home before she could move out here permanently. It gave me time to find an affordable, two bedroom apartment to rent. Which wasn’t as easy as I had originally thought it would be. Most were one bedrooms, and the others that had multiple rooms were intended for families, and cost too much.

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summer calm

july 2014
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Kenzie Goss (51 years), Tyler Goss (49 years), Lorelei Goss (21 years), Dean Goss (5 years),

narrated by Lorelei

I came home to live with my parents during summer break. I only have one year left of college, and then I’ll be moving back here permanently. Mom wanted me to set up job interviews so I’m set next summer after I graduate. She doesn’t realize that people hiring now, want someone to work, well, now.

My friend Erin, came to stay with us for the summer. She’s from Indiana, and didn’t have the cash to fly back home. There isn’t even room for me in the house, as soon as I moved out, Dean took my room. Just like I took it when Zeke moved out. So we crash on the sofa, usually to the sound of my Dad clicking away at the keyboard. His newest book is called, “Nursery Bedtime Tales” in honor of Vivienne and Cicely.

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paying dues

november 2012
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Lorelei Goss (19 years)

In the beginning I enjoyed walking to classes on campus, all the old brick buildings, freshly cut grass, and people; I really enjoyed watching the people as they walked about. But I’m a sophomore now, and as much I as enjoyed the walking in September, I know what lays ahead now, snow, rain, and cold. Coffee and hot cocoa don’t have anything against cold wet boots in World History 101.

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