Holmes Family, McCarthy Family

young love; new beginnings

november 2032
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(Holmes Household Profile)
Chris Holmes (44 years), Emma (41 years), Chaz (17 years), Dax (9 years), Evan (9 years)

Weekends arrive, and Chris spends the afternoon rebuilding another vehicle with his son, Chaz. They both enjoy tinkering and working with their hands, while his other son, Dax has zero interest in engines.

The Browning family comes over to visit, bringing their newest addition Sybil. She’s one month old, and Emma absolutely adores her. However, she has zero desire to have more kids, which is probably good because Chris got the procedure done a few years back.

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McCarthy Family, Woodfolk

with one last year

august 2032
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(Woodfolk Household Profile)
Mandy McCarthy (86 years), Hazel Woodfolk (49 years), Jude (49 years), Roman (16 years)

The youngest child of three, and the last child at home, Roman has been feeling left behind by his older siblings. It hadn’t been a big deal when his sister Bea went to EU, but now Monroe is gone, and he took their mutual friends too. The band is broken up, and he is turning 17 next month, and he still hasn’t found a girlfriend. He’s made this the goal before school started up in a month.

He tried asking Molly Welsh out, because she isn’t traditionally attractive, he thought this was a certain win for him. He was wrong.

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McCarthy Family, Millett Family

growing pains

july 2032
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(McCarthy Household Profile)
Finn (59 years), Nicole (59 years), Julia (29 years), Elias (26 years), Grady 9 months

narrated by: Elias

Julia went to university for journalism, but she hasn’t been able to break into field. She had taken a position under Eva Prince as an Event Planner, but Julia had meant for it to be temporary. Seven years later, and Julia is still planning weddings.

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Births, Lange, McCarthy Family

april birthdays 2032

The morning has arrived for Brooklyn’s induction; they arrive as the sun rises, and they’re both excited and nervous to welcome their twins.

Head Nurse, Caroline welcomes Clara Sumner to the floor. She graduates EU with her nursing degree in one month’s time, and she’s been hired prematurely with her 4.0 GPA. Caroline is thrilled to have another nurse helping with the rounds.

Clara takes the lead while Caroline oversees, she welcomes Brooklyn to the second maternity suite, while Brooklyn works out a kink in her neck.

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McCarthy Family, Millett Family, Wedding

take my hand – millett/mccarthy wedding

november 2031
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Julia Millett (28 years), Elias McCarthy (25 years), Grady McCarthy (1 month)

Leah is upstairs, helping her daughter prepare for her wedding. This is her first time seeing her daughter’s living quarters in this whirlwind engagement, and she’s holding her tongue on the very “Nicole-ness” quality of their bedroom. She can’t see her daughter’s personality anywhere in the decor. She wishes her daughter would find a home of her own to have a family.

Leah knows personally the struggles of living with inlaws and raising a family, as she continued to live that nightmare. It wasn’t until recent years where she got to actually pick and purchase her first home, bringing along her father-in-law. But she’s spoken to Julia, genuinely and from her heart, many times in recent months, and it hadn’t made any difference.

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