maintaing normalcy

september 2023
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(Millett Household Profile)
Norma Millett (70 years), Merrill (69 years), Grant (46 years), Leah (44 years), Simon (13 years), Nolan (5 years)

narrated by: Grant

We were all relieved when Hadley was accepted into Med School. She’s all set up in a rental house out in Eastborough, and we crashed it as soon as she gave us the green light. Leah hasn’t ever been especially close with our daughters despite her best efforts, and she came prepared with cash for the visit.

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time cannot erase

november 2022
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Lauren Schehl (20 years), Alice London (20 years), Rosabella Steinman (20 years), Brooklyn Lange (20 years), Julia Millett (19 years)

narrated by: Julia

It’s my second year at Eastborough, and it’s just starting to feel like I belong here. My Freshmen year was difficult, I missed my family, and felt guilty for not missing them enough, especially Nolan. I’m trying to really throw myself into the college experience this year, I’m still studying to be a journalist. It’s always been my goal, but I sort of lost my desire after Nolan was born. I’ve gotten it back though, and my dorm mate Brooklyn has been part of the reason.

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the fabric of change

december 2020
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Norma Millett (67 years), Merrill (66 years), Grant (43 years), Leah (41 years), (17 years), Simon (10 years), Nolan (2 years)

narrated by: Julia

This is my year at Jefferson High School, and I can’t wait to get out of here. Even when Lauren spread rumors that it wasn’t Isaac’s baby I was pregnant with, that wasn’t so hard to take with good friends like Alice to have my back. But now I’m here alone, and have no one to sit with at lunch. I know that in the grand scheme of life, that a lunch partner isn’t the worst thing that could happen, but it feels lonely.

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obsolete relations

november 2020
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Isaac Gavigan (20 years), Hadley Millett (19 years), Lainey Grimsley (19 years), Chad Sumner (19 years)

narrated by: Hadley

It’s my sophomore year, and applying for medical school is still a ways down the road, but I’m focused on getting as a 4.0 for my Biology Degree. Most of the work here is textbook work, there is no patients or working at the hospital, so it should be cake when compared to what comes next. Unfortunately, the speaker for this year is Dr. Morgan Russo-Traver, and she pretty much hates me.

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youthful possibilities

october 2019
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Isaac Gavigan (19 years), Lainey Grimsley (18 years), Hadley Grimsley (18 years), Chad Sumner (18 years),

narrated by: Lainey

I started at Eastborough this semester, and got placed in Miner Hall with Hadley, and a few other students from my high school years. Back in junior high, Hadley would bully me, and make me cry almost every day after school, but now we sit together in the cafeteria. In this big university, there is this comfort in sitting by someone that you know, and not feeling swallowed whole by the enormity of college.

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january 2019
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Norma Millett (66 years), Merrill (65 years), Grant (42 years), Leah (40 years), Hadley (18 years), Julia (16 years), Simon (9 years), Nolan (6 months)

narrated by: Julia

Isaac went off to Eastborough in the fall, I was worried I’d see him around over Christmas break, but if he came back at all, he didn’t wander near our house. I haven’t heard from him since that summer night on my porch. I thought his Mom might poke around, curious to see if the baby looked like her son, maybe demand some grandparent’s rights, but it didn’t happen.

Nolan is more like the household baby then anyone in particulars, though he rooms with my parents, so I guess they do more of the late night changing. Grandpa is smitten with him, I don’t remember if he was this attentive to us when we were little, or Simon at least. It makes me glad that I didn’t give him up for adoption to the Siew family though.

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finding home

july 2018
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Norma (65 years), Merrill Millett (64 years), Grant (41 years), Leah (39 years), Morgan Russo-Traver (34 years), Hadley (17 years), Julia (15 years),

When my water breaks, it’s Dad that I have take me to Mercy Hospital. I can see the hurt plainly on my Mother’s face when I ask her to ride with Hadley instead. I don’t mean it to be cruel, she won’t miss anything, they are right behind us, a little too close some of the time. Dad grips the wheel and complains that Hadley is surely going to rear end him.

I just needed this opportunity to ask, one last time, if adoption was really the right answer. It’s easy to believe one way, but when you are finally there, at the doorstep, it might fade and seem foolish. I needed assurance from him that this wasn’t foolish. That it was right.

He couldn’t tell me for certain.

When we arrive, he flies around the side of the pick up truck, parking in the ambulance lane. I assured him several times that I could walk from the parking lot, ten feet to the side, but he insisted on parking here.

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