George McCarthy

Name: George McCarthy – deceased 2028
Age: 84 (in 2028)
Year Born: September, 1944
Height: 5’10” (Average)

Parents: N/A
Siblings: N/A
Partner: Mandy McCarthy
Children: Finn McCarthy, Hazel McCarthy, and Violet-Adele (adopted)
Grandchildren: Grace, Emma, Oliver, Zilla, Julius, Elias, Bea, Lily-Mae, Monroe, and Roman

Education: High School Graduate
Job: retired
Previous Employment: Executive (Business)
Businesses Owned: N/A

Aspiration: Popularity/Family
Hobby: Nature
Favorite Color: Beige


Finn McCarthy

Name: Finn McCarthy
Age: 53 (in 2026)
Year Born: March, 1973
Height: 5’11” (Tall)

Parents: George McCarthy and Mandy McCarthy
Siblings: Hazel McCarthy and Violet-Adele (adopted)
Partner: Nicole McCarthy
Children: Grace McCarthy, Emma McCarthy, Oliver McCarthy, Zilla McCarthy, Julius McCarthy and Elias McCarthy (twins), and Lily-Mae McCarthy
Grandchildren: Chaz, Ainsley, Isla, Tillie, and Hatty

Education: College Graduate; Drama Major
Job: unemployed; babysits granddaughters
Previous Employment: Botanist (fired/discredited in his field)
Businesses Owned: N/A

Aspiration: Family/Pleasure
Hobby: Sport
Favorite Color: White

Finn as an Adult

Finn as a Teen

Finn as a Child

Finn as a toddler

Violet-Adele McCarthy

Name: Violet-Adele McCarthy
Age: 39 (in 2029)
Year Born: January, 1990
Height: 5’7″ (tall)

Parents: George McCarthy and Mandy McCarthy (adopted)
Birth Mom: Adele Smith
Siblings: Finn McCarthy and Hazel McCarthy
Partner: Etienne Bernard (spouse)
Past Romantic History: Reed Welsh (rejected proposal & later affair); Etienne Bernard
Children: N/A

Education: Community College Graduate; Mathematics Major
Job: South Port City Planner
Previous Employment: Architect Intern in Paris, France
Businesses Owned: N/A

Aspiration: Fortune/Romance
Hobby: Fitness
Favorite Color: Blue

Violet-Adele as Adult

Violet-Adele as Teen

Violet-Adele as Child

Violet-Adele as Toddler

Etienne Bernard

Name: Etienne Bernard
Age: 40 (in 2027)
Year Born: March, 1987
Height: 6’0″ (tall)

Siblings: N/A
Partner: Violet-Adele (spouse)
Past Romantic History: Brenda (ex-fiance)
Children: N/A

Education: Université Paris, Art Major; 4.0 GPA
Job: Master Architect
Previous Employment: Architect in France
Businesses Owned: N/A

Aspiration: Family/Fortune
Hobby: Art
Favorite Color: Slate Gray

Etienne as a Teen

Etienne as a Child

Etienne as a Toddler

Evie Jitmakusol

Name: Evie Jitmakusol
Age: 22 (in 2031)
Year Born: 2009; February
Height: 5’8″ (tall)

Partner: Michael Popper
Past Romantic History: Dean Goss
Children: N/A

Education: Eastborough University Student; Political Science (3.3 GPA)
Job: Door to Door Poller Political Strategist
Previous Employment:

Aspiration: Family
Hobby: Fitness
Favorite Color: Mauve

Monroe Woodfolk

Name: Monroe Woodfolk
Age: 13 (2026)
Year Born: December; 2013
Height: growing (tall)

Parents: Hazel and Jude Woodfolk
Siblings: Bea and Roman
Past Romantic History: Willa Grimsley (first kiss)
Children: N/A

Education: Grade School Student
Job: N/A
Previous Employment: N/A
Businesses Owned: N/A

Aspiration: Pleasure & Romance
Hobby: Music and Dance
Favorite Color: Red

Monroe as Child

Monroe as Toddler

Monroe as a Baby