golden years

september 2032
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(Schehl Household Profile)
Delaney (69 years), Jared (68 years), Lizzie (17years)

Autumn arrives, and it’s up to Lizzie and Jared to prepare the yard for winter. Lizzie does most the raking and weeds while her Dad works on the garden and hydroponics.

Peter set up the hydroponics for him, which has been great for Jared’s ailing back. Gardening isn’t his passion as much as tinkering, but there isn’t room for a train table in the new house. Gardening at least helps him feel productive, and he enjoys the rewards patience gifts when the blooms come.

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Gavigan, Schehl

back to the grind

april 2032
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Isaac Gavigan ( years), Lauren ( years), Cade (1 year)

Lauren is growing weary of apartment living. In truth, it’s not a new weariness; she’s been longing to have her own house for years, but it’s not a viable option given their current financial state.

Isaac feels the emasculating sting, but he tries to hide it from Lauren. He wanted to pick out a lamp for Cade’s nursery, but he couldn’t even afford it.

Even more embarrassing, he was kicked off the property.

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Castellanetta, Schehl

tantrums and pointe

march 2032
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Meg Schehl (32 years), Jaron Castellanetta (30 years), Rosemary (1 1/2 years)

Rosemary has been slow when learning to walk, so Jaron has made it a point to work with her daily. This is something Rosemary isn’t fond of at all. Jaron’s heard stories how Meg threw tantrums into her teenage years, and he has a feeling her little mini me is harnessing the same attitude.

When she succeeds though, she’s all grins, and this helps Jaron feel less poorly about forcing his daughter to learn to walk.

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sunny days

june 2031
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(Schehl Household Profile)
Elise Schehl (33 years), Peter (31 years), Irina (2 1/2 years)

narrated by Elise

When Irina was first born, there was a struggle for balance, and I feared returning to work would add even more chaos to our life. Thankfully it hasn’t been the case, as Irina grows, it’s become easier. I was promoted to Events Manager with the agency, and it’s been great being the boss. I was exhausted trying to find my position in the company after maternity leave, and I’ve finally earned recognition.

Peter works less hours than me, so I come home at five o’clock, and I find them in pajamas.

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Gavigan, Schehl

baby makes three

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Isaac (31 years), Lauren (28 years), Cade (2 weeks)

narrated by: Isaac

Cade came home from the hospital, feisty and pink, his little fists banging angrily at the air as we drove him home. However, once he got home, he seemed much happier. I could see Lauren tense on the drive, thinking we were in for a rough ride. She doesn’t realize how ‘in’ I am for this parenthood gig.

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