unexpected silver lining

april 2027
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(Schehl Household Profile)
Delaney Schehl (64 years), Jared (63 years), Lizzie (12 years)

narrated by: Lizzie

We lived a very routine life, I would come home from school and often find Mom resting on Dad’s hammock before her shift at the restaurant.

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moving truck

march 2027
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Isaac Gavigan (27 years), Lauren (25 years)

narrated by: Lauren

We’ve been living in this crappy rental in Eastborough since we got married three years ago. We’ve mostly survived on white bread with various cheap spreads, and my Dad’s generosity, though he doesn’t tell Mom.

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waiting game

march 2026
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(Schehl Household Profile)
Elise Schehl (29 years), Peter (27 years)

narrated by: Peter

Mom had been helping Elise find a house for us, sometimes Elise found it less than helpful but she endured. They found a great house in Lincoln Park last spring, but it had been gutted for renovations, and was only affordable because it had no kitchen or bathroom plumbing. Mom did the research to help us get our finances in order, and even helped us with the down payment so that we could make it happen.

We were able to move in last summer, but only after receiving a monetary gift from my parents. Elise did not enjoy humbling herself, but she wanted the house more than her pride. She really only wanted to move once, so she bit her tongue.

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april 2024
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Isaac Gavigan (24 years), Lauren Gavigan (22 years)

She didn’t tell her parents, they’d gotten married nearly four months prior and it just seemed like the opportune time had passed, so she continued to say nothing. She knew that her sister Meg would rat her out, and she might even feel guilty for it, but Lauren was grateful to not share the news.

They didn’t have a honeymoon, and it seemed that reality was biting them hard. Isaac had promised they’d get real curtains for Valentine’s Day but that holiday had passed over, they celebrated with lettuce and no salad dressing. It had zero luster, then came the bills. Living in the dorm was easier with her parents helping to pay the way. This was real life mixed in with college, and it was not pleasurable.

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last one left

january 2024
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Meg Schehl (25 years)

Her sister had called, it wasn’t necessarily alarming to have her on the other end, but it wasn’t the norm.

“How does it feel to be the last Schehl left to get married?” Lauren was giddy, giggling like she was on Isaac’s lap and he was nuzzling her neck. It wasn’t logical, they still had their youngest sister Lizzie back home who was very far from matrimony, and her twin brother Peter was only engaged. But Meg understood what Lauren meant, how did it feel to have your younger sister married before you.

It didn’t feel good.

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