speeding girl

december 2016
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Quinten Siew (26 years), Rebecca (26 years), Scarlett (6 years)
(Kenzie Goss (53 years), Lulu Grimsley (6 years), Bea Woodfolk (5 years))

narrated by: Quint

Back when Scarlett was just three years old, I mentioned going back to school to Rebecca, maybe doing a doctorate. She felt we were past that stage in life, and that my two year degree was sufficient. I enjoy being a paramedic, and South Metro has a great crew to work with, it just seemed natural to try and get promoted within.

But Rebecca had a point, and we are finally getting to the point of paying off our student loans and mortgage. At some point we need to start saving for Scarlett’s own college education, not adding more to mine. So I did something that I knew Rebecca wouldn’t approve of, I quit my job.

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when i see your face

september 2014
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Quinten Siew (24 years), Rebecca Siew (24 years), Scarlett Siew (4 years),

narrated by Rebecca

I asked Quint to come back home, after the fiasco with Paloma. I hope it’s not a mistake, but I don’t want a silly girl to ruin my life-time commitment. Everything has gone back to normal, maybe a little better than normal. We started trying for a baby in the summer, right after Scarlett’s fourth birthday, and that alone is an improvement.

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taking turns

december 2013
Quinten Siew (23 years), Rebecca Siew (23 years), Scarlett Siew (3 years),
(Grace Andersen – 23 years)

narrated by: Rebecca

Shortly after Quint got his job as a Paramedic, Dr. Regina Russo changed his shift to 8:00pm, so we didn’t end up needing a nanny for too long after all. I kind of wish we did though. I miss having my evenings free with Quint, that it’d almost be better if Scarlett spent a few hours with Gretchen. We try to make the most of our time together, he gets Scarlett up in the mornings.

While I get ready and make breakfast. We’ve made it work, but Quint isn’t satisfied being a paramedic. Now he wants to go back to college and get a higher degree. Originally he wanted to try for a baby in a year, which is now, but is saying a different story now. If he got a higher degree, better paying job, then we could get a bigger house and then have a baby.

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happy in our corner

mid-july 2012
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Quinten Siew (22 years), Rebecca Siew (22 years), Scarlett Siew (2 years)
(Violet-Adele McCarthy – 22 years)

“I think I’m getting a job.” Quinten spoke brokenly between tapping at the keyboard.

“A job? Doing what? What about Scarlett?” Rebecca was relaxing on the bed, she’d already read Scarlett a bedtime story and gotten her to sleep.

“Paramedic. South Medical Center is hiring.” He peered closer at the screen, Rebecca already told him that he should get his eyes checked. “Same hours as yours at the diner. We’d have our nights together then, just like now.”

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sink or swim

April 2010
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Quinten Siew (20 years), Rebecca (20 years), Scarlett (1 month), Gulliver (dog)

Spread out, and spattered with jam were white squared papers with a photo of a little one, and a pale pink ribbon decorated the top. In gray italics across the bottom it read, “Announcing the Arrival of Scarlett Siew.” The envelopes were not labeled, the crumbs surrounded them, and soon dust would collect. Quinten had breached the subject of having them actually mailed, and was met with shouting, then hysterical crying. He hadn’t even allowed himself to glance in the corner if his wife was in the room. He wasn’t sure why they had spent the fifty bucks to have the announcements made, especially with finances so tight, but he’d never say anything.

Some might say that six weeks of maternity leave is too short, while Rebecca had two weeks left, and felt it’d already been a lifetime since she seated someone at the diner. Her boss, Hazel McCarthy came over one morning to check in on her, and was invited in for some rancid-last-night-dinner that was on the table when she came in the house.

“So.” Hazel eyed the plate apprehensively. “How’s it going?”

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you belong to me ~ Siew Wedding

August 2009
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Siew Wedding – Rebecca Player & Quinten Siew (21 years)

Three months after proposing, the wedding day is here. Both fresh out of college, still unemployed, the two needed to live together to save money, and Quinten wanted to do it properly with a ring on her finger. Rebecca wouldn’t admit it, but she almost felt grateful she’d been unsuccessful to land a job, cause planning a wedding in three months time is outrageously difficult. She would have appreciated Quinten finding a job though, he really wasn’t helpful in the ceremony department.

After graduation they took out a loan to buy a house in Millwood. She still didn’t understand why they had to own a house. The land in Millwood is cheaper, and it’s not too far from the city or so they say. But it seems like a long drive, a great distance from all their college friends. Quinten reminds her that the rest will be graduating after this upcoming year, and going on about their own lives. He reminds her they didn’t move to Takemizu.

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