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prince alfred aquarium

Bekah Grimsley was elected mayor in 2020 with the promise of adding the first museum to the South Port metro area, and she delivered. With the help of City Planner, Violet-Adele they were able to just make the deadline before elections. Violet-Adele was heavily inspired by the Littly Hollywick Aquarium.

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The Chronicle

The Chronicle – August 2014

Local Tours College Circut
written by: Jared Schehl

South Port native, Jude Woodfolk made his touring debut this summer, entertaining college students across the Pacific-Northwest with his folksy-rocker style.

His solo, “Hallucinogenic Disaster” was a hit, selling out of all his albums at the concerts. It is available though in audio format through “The Nile” the online music-magnate. His debut album, “Day Glo Feelings” releases this October in select music stores across the nation. It will feature “Hallucinogenic Disaster” as well as “64 Thousand Dollar Loser.”

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The Chronicle

The Chronicle – September 2012

Mayor Unveils New High School
Written by: Jared Schehl

Mayor Steele cut the ribbon and opened the doors to South Port’s new high school, Jefferson High.

“I saw a sudden influx of students at the primary level, and decided to nip the education dilemma before it became one.” Mayor Steele remarked at the ceremony.

Bekah Grimsley was promoted to Principal after the sudden retirement of the previous principal, Jared Prickett. Prickett could not be reached for comment at this time.

Taking over the Middle School class is Tam Up, who relocated to South Port with his wife and four children.

The Chronicle was given a private tour before the event, and brings the photos to it’s valued readers.

Jefferson High School

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The Chronicle – April 2012

Loss of Local Matriarch
Written by: Jared Schehl

Faith Goodie, 82, born in 1930 passed away on Friday of natural causes. Faith married Herbert Goodie in 1948 at the age of 18 and welcomed daughter, Francie Goodie in 1968.

She graduate with honors from WSU and began teaching at South Port’s Grammar School in 1954. She continued teaching even after being promoted to Principal in 1980, at the age of 50. She was passionate about education and children, and only retired this past fall when her health began to fail.

She is preceded in death by husband, Herbert Goodie, and survived by daughter, Francie Goodie.

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