Browning, Traver Family

tulips in spring

may 2026
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(Browning Household Profile)
Luca Browning (31 years), Nadia (30 years), Kai (10 years), Mavis (3 years)

narrated by: Nadia

Luca has thoroughly enjoyed raising Mavis, and teaching her things that Kai already knew when we started dating. Unfortunately, I don’t think Mavis got the memo, and she’s often rather distracted when he’s trying to impress onto her something great like a nursery rhyme.

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Eastborough Uni, Traver Family

love of my life

january 2026
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Caitlyn Traver (20 years), Thomas (1 year)

narrated by: Caitlyn

Thomas had been horribly fussy as an infant, and thankfully can be distracted now. He’s still quite needy and irritable, much like his Dad, but now there are toys to entertain him, and that helps.

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Russo, Traver Family

this is my home

november 2025
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John Russo (73 years), Regina (71 years), Zeke Traver (42 years), Morgan Russo-Traver (41 years), Lewis (19 years), Vivienne (11 years), Cicely (11 years), Thomas (10 months)

She was ornery, and the heart disease diagnoses had not calmed her bristly personality. But now and then, John would find that she was softer, more willing to dance to his old records, and reminisce on the life they’d led.

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Traver Family

until you don’t

september 2025
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Colin Traver (30 years)

narrated by: Colin

Meredith came banging on my door late one night, I had expected a real emergency until I saw her standing there. I knew she wanted something, I haven’t seen her since the family photo op, and even then we didn’t speak.

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Traver Family

all by myself in the morning

march 2025
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Ethan Traver (64 years)

I went out to Eastborough for a visit with Caitlyn, she’s all set up in her new family housing without Lewis. Apparently he does come by to spend time with Thomas, and while they are reportedly still dating, it doesn’t sound like it from Caitlyn’s stories.

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Births, Traver Family

into the world

january 2025
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Caitlyn Traver (19 years)

It was the weekend, and Caitlyn had gone back to South Port to spend the day with her sister-in-law, Nadia. The baby was just past the due date, and Caitlyn intended to spend as much time in town as her classes allowed. She didn’t have a vehicle, and relying on something chaotic like an upperclassman or a taxi to get her to the hospital was out of the question.

It hadn’t stopped her from having fears that her water would break in the middle of a lecture hall, but luck would have it that she was in South Port, and the the contractions had started slow and steady without a water mess. She’d watched an obnoxious pirate sing nursery rhymes to Mavis and Kai, and it felt like a glimpse into a future that was banging on the door.

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Births, Traver Family

winter birthdays 2024-2025

december 2024

Marshal and Lorelei are two months pregnant with their first, and are due in August. Lorelei cannot wait until the morning sickness abides. She’s hoping to find the energy to start decorating the nursery soon, and they still need to tackle a girl baby name.

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