Mister and Mrs. (Goss – Krouse Wedding)

october 2020
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Marshal Krouse (31 years), Lorelei Goss (27 years)

Her wedding day. It had seemed ages away, and for the past few months her Mom had hounded her to finalize all the details, constantly grating on her nerves. But now, as she looks herself over one last time as Lorelei Goss, she’s thankful that her Mom had known what to do when it came to planning the wedding.

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all that was meant to be – barthelet-prince wedding

april 2019
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Eva Barthelet (45 years), Gideon Prince (37 years), Paloma Creelman (21 years), Linnea (10 years)

It’s going to be a small ceremony, small and sweet her Mother had explained at one point during the planning process. She had told this to Paloma, but they both knew that it wasn’t a decision. Decisions require a choice, and with Grandma gone there just wasn’t anyone else to invite. There was none but Eva and her two daughters, that was all that was left. Eva had two sisters at one time, there was no reason why her wedding day should be full of empty seats.

Paloma had called to be sure the extra seats were removed, it would be a painful reminder to see rows up on rows of empty chairs, with their minds filling in the happy faces that should have been there.

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third gear all the way

august 2016
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Chris Holmes (28 years), Emma McCarthy (26 years), Chaz Holmes (1 year),

narrated by: Emma

Grace had called a week before Chaz turned one to see when the party was, when I told her I wasn’t going to throw one she got pretty upset over it. I don’t see the big deal in parties, he won’t remember it anyway, heck, he’s practically still a baby, he doesn’t get much of anything. I figured I’d pick up a frosted cookie from the bakery in some cartoon character shape, and call it a day, maybe hit the park before naptime. Seemed like an appropriate response to a kids first birthday, but Grace disagreed.

She volunteered to host the party, and would take care of it all. I agreed, cause she seemed to really care about it, and only had one stipulation, our parents were not to be invited. They wouldn’t come anyway, but I wasn’t about to send any archaic social politeness invitations in their direction.

Grace didn’t need anything from me, other than to arrive, so of course, the morning of the party, we were running late. I was rushing through my breakfast cereal when Chris got his little grin. It’s the grin that says, “I’m cute, and you know it.” Which is usually followed by some mischief that he knows I’m not interested in, but he wants me to be.

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counting the ways

september 2013
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Zeke Traver (30 years), Morgan Russo (29 years), Lewis Huffman (7 years)
(John Russo – 61 years, Regina Russo – 59 years, Kenzie Goss – 50 years, Tyler Goss – 48 years, )

Zeke never imagined himself being in this situation again, he couldn’t shake the little voice of fear, what if he was destined to fail at marriage. Shaking it out of his mind, he went in search of Lewis, his one responsibility before the wedding. He found Lewis tucked in a corner near the fireplace, attempting to play chess.

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yes, i’ll love her all my life.

june 2012
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Benjamin Andersen (25 years), Grace McCarthy (22 years)

Months of preparation went into Grace and Benjamen’s “low-key” wedding and reception. After Nicole had made a new bridal gown for Grace, a bridesmaid dress for Emma, and a flower girl dress for Zilla; she felt pretty spent. The day before the wedding, she stayed up til early morning baking Hawaiian Pizza’s for the reception. Grace had thought it would be fun to have a fun food for the dinner, after all, who didn’t enjoy pizza and cake? Grace and Oliver did the yard work together while Finn and Benjamin built the canopy, and set up the table and chairs for the event.

The morning of June 2nd, and it was a muggy eighty-five degrees, and climbing. Weatherman had been surprised by the sudden heat hitting the metro area, and prattled on about record high-temps, and how he’s never seen such temperatures in the beginning of June. Nicole forced Grace to turn the radio off, as she finished getting Zilla’s dress zipped. There really was nothing they could do about the heat. Grace gazed out the window, all the pretty umbrellas, and canopies, in case it rained. It always rained in Washington when events were planned. She didn’t have any back up plans for heatstroke.

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Laden with Happiness

December 2011
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Hazel McCarthy (30 years), Jude Woodfolk (29 years)

The day had arrived. In the end, the flowers were ready, the table cloths accounted for, and all the other little details that had seemed like such a big deal, were all taken care of or were never really important to begin with. Her sister, maid of honor was walking down the aisle right now, with the best man, Dave. Wind beat against the church, but could hardly be heard against the soft notes of Bach’s Ave Maria.

George watched his daughter, both waiting for the music change to cue their turn. The corners of his weathered lips lifted ever so slightly, while his eyes were a mixture of happiness and sadness with a persistent glisten to them.

“They always say,” He began gruffly, “That it all goes by quickly, and it’s here, seeing you a grown woman about to be married, that I fully agree. I never knew thirty years could go by at such a blink of an eye.” He wiped his eyes, his cheeks blushing.

Hazel moved in close to him, and kissed him on the cheek. “Oh, Daddy,” She whispered, then looked up at the ceiling, willing herself to not cry.

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