good luck charms

july 2018
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Hazel Woodfolk (36 years), Jude (35 years), Bea (7 years), Monroe (4 years), Roman (2 years)

narrated by: Hazel

My sister, Vi has been staying with us while she worked on this building project for the North side of Lincoln Park. They tore down dilapidated buildings and hired her to give it a fresh new look. She was offered a full time position by Mayor Cole to work for the city’s architect team, in rebuilding parts of South Port. She didn’t accept immediately, but this past spring did make it official. She is now Architectural Partner to Boone County, and happened to purchase one of the homes she built.

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singing to wednesday

february 2015
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Hazel Woodfolk (33 years), Jude Woodfolk (32 years), Bea Woodfolk (3 years), Monroe Woodfolk (1 year),

narrated by: Hazel Woodfolk

We found out we are expecting our third, and likely, last baby. After Monroe was born, we immediately wanted to start trying again. The idea of having all the children close in age, sounded wonderful. We did hold off a little while though, and all of our children will be around 2 years apart in age, which is good for us.

I tell Monroe how he’s going to be a big brother, but the concept is lost on him.

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walking arm in arm

april 2013
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Hazel Woodfolk (31 years), Jude Woodfolk (30 years), Bea Woodfolk (1 year),
(Mandy McCarthy – 67 years, George McCarthy – 69 years, Morgan Russo – 29 years, Emma McCarthy – 22 years,)

narrated by Hazel

Jude and I have been married for sixteen months, when it’s said that way it seems like hardly anytime at all. I can’t really recall my life without him or Bea in it though. I don’t know what I did with my time, that I always felt so busy and rushed before parenthood, because I know the true meaning of a busy schedule now. I couldn’t imagine myself any happier than I am now though.

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Laden with Happiness

December 2011
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Hazel McCarthy (30 years), Jude Woodfolk (29 years)

The day had arrived. In the end, the flowers were ready, the table cloths accounted for, and all the other little details that had seemed like such a big deal, were all taken care of or were never really important to begin with. Her sister, maid of honor was walking down the aisle right now, with the best man, Dave. Wind beat against the church, but could hardly be heard against the soft notes of Bach’s Ave Maria.

George watched his daughter, both waiting for the music change to cue their turn. The corners of his weathered lips lifted ever so slightly, while his eyes were a mixture of happiness and sadness with a persistent glisten to them.

“They always say,” He began gruffly, “That it all goes by quickly, and it’s here, seeing you a grown woman about to be married, that I fully agree. I never knew thirty years could go by at such a blink of an eye.” He wiped his eyes, his cheeks blushing.

Hazel moved in close to him, and kissed him on the cheek. “Oh, Daddy,” She whispered, then looked up at the ceiling, willing herself to not cry.

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so bewildering (Fall 2011 Birthday)

September 2011
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Hazel McCarthy (29 years), Jude Woodfolk (28 years), and Morgan Russo (27 years)
(Rachael Darling – 5 years)

“What about blue, do you like blue?” Jude asked before she threw the football back. He had been asking odd questions for the past few weeks, and whenever Hazel questioned him, he’d just smile and say something about wanting to know her better. She could understand the reasoning in this, after all she didn’t know if he liked blue ether, and maybe that sort of fact mattered when you considered matrimony. For instance, did he always put the toilet seat down, or did he only now to be courteous?

“Yes, certain shades anyway.” She threw the ball back. “You?”

“Sure do.”

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