2029 Taxes & Explanation

Lilsisterg asked some questions on how I collect taxes and how the money is used.

I haven’t done taxes in a long time, but have been meaning to get back to it, so thank you lilsisterg for the push! 🙂

Credit for me doing taxes would go to Shana at Pine Hollow, who explained it on her website, many real life years ago. I likely gleaned inspiration from Carla & Starr as well because they are so inspirational to me.

When collecting taxes and fees how do you do it and where does the money go?

The money goes to the very first mayor, Mayor Steele, who is the treasurer now. Why? Because I don’t play him at all, (Marta’s Dad for readers), so the money is easy to keep separated.

I have given it the current Mayor in the past, then had them put it in a savings account with Monique’s computer. I found that I would have money leftover after their terms, and it required more house loading than I enjoyed to transfer the money.

As for the how…

I write down each household, separated by city, and then go through the hood screen, writing down their net worth. Which is $67,276 for Nicole and Finn McCarthy.

After I write down everyone’s, I go through each, and give them their eligible deductibles.

Finn & Nicole McCarthy
networth- 67,276
5% tax rate, they owe $3364
$1000 marriage credit
$500 child-credit
$1500 Biz Owner
total owe – $364 (which would have to be rounded up for Monique’s PC)

Here is all of Millwood’s taxes. Green highlights mean they are receiving money back from the government. Yellow highlight means they are renters.

I wasn’t taxing renters previously, but have decided to do so again. I have also dropped my tax rate from the old 10% & 15% to 5% & 10%. I felt that it was taking too much money from my sims, and that I could ether lower the percentage or spread out how frequently I do taxes. I may change it back later, perhaps Mayor Kenzie Goss is just giving a lower rate to encourage growth, and the next Mayor will raise them. 😉

I visit each household, and have them send the money to Treasurer Steele with the PC, and that’s it.

If you want to account for your townies, you can take your total amount and just double it, then cheat that money into your Mayor or Treasurer’s account.

How do you deduct the money used for building infrastructure.

I mostly use the money for the Mayor’s Project. Example: Bekah Grimsley’s Aquarium, or Kenzie Goss’ Rec Center. Those were their platforms to get elected. I just build to my hearts content, and then check the price on the hood screen. I round the number to an even amount, and then have Treasurer Steele donate that money with Monique’s PC.

Let me know if you have further questions!

Breakdown of 2029 Taxes

Total Taxes Collected – $281,881

Child Credits Given – 62
Marriage Credits Given – 35
Business Credits – 14

Households Taxed – 58

Mean Household Worth
Millwood – $103,437
South Port – $71,847

Largest Rebate: Cesar Gonzales – $2,585

Richest Playable Households:
Cole London – $578,481
Violet-Adele McCarthy & Etienne Bernard – 318,400
Jude & Hazel Woodfolk – $204,603

Poorest Playable Households: (excluding renters)
Emma & Chris Holmes – 39,314
Peter & Elise Schehl – 31,684
Nadia & Luca Browning – 30,260

Notes: Since the last time I did taxes, there are quite a few new households on the richest/poorest lists. I don’t expect Peter & Elise to remain on the poorest list for too long, they are a bit house poor at the moment though. The richest list is entirely new excluding Cole London, who became exceedingly rich now that his Mom’s assets and sold business money is combined with his.

If I included renters, Isaac and Lauren Gavigan would be the poorest with $344.

Thanks for reading!

fresh air and sunshine

march 2029
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(McCarthy Household Profile)
Finn McCarthy (56 years), Nicole (55 years), Elias (22 years), Lily-Mae (17 years)

Nicole has been happy having Elias back home, she was wary that he would marry the city-girl and run off to South Port to live. The debt involved with the farm and renovating the house were extreme, and it was all for naught if Elias abandoned that dream.

She wasn’t happy that her son was heartbroken over the break-up. He mostly kept it under the lid, but now and then she could hear him from his bedroom. It was an unhappy coincidence that the two largest rooms in the renovation were next to one another.

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lemonade dreams

march 2029
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Silas Abbott (29 years), Lainey Grimsley (27 years), Silas Abbott (1 1/2 years)

narrated by: Lainey

We managed to survive Michael joining the police force, and Silas is doing fine with the babysitter, although I still don’t think the situation is ideal. I installed a nanny-cam so I can keep an eye on her, and found that she watches an insane amount of television. However, Silas always seems happy and she does tend to his needs, so it’ll do for now.

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March Birthdays – 2029

Etienne Bernard celebrates his 42nd birthday on a particularly stormy spring day. They opt to stay in, and snuggle by their bedroom fire. They moved into their new home in February, but it still has a long way to go before they’ll feel settled.

With the fresh rains and breezes, Violet-Adele’s mood has begun to brighten, and while they still haven’t successfully gotten pregnant, she feels more hopeful than previously.

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new beginnings

february 2029
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(Millett Household Profile)
Merrill (74 years), Grant (52 years), Leah (49 years), Nolan (10 years),

narrated by: Leah

I’ve spent my entire marriage just going along with the popular vote, which meant that I lived with my inlaws for my entire adult life, and raised all of my children under their strong presence and vocal opinions. Until we sold the cabin a few years back, I had at least a bedroom that was decorated to my taste.

After her passing, it became abundantly clear to Grant that we needed to move. It was his childhood home, and he works at his family business; he has never had to say goodbye to anything or anyone. The move was especially hard for him and Merrill.

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nobody said it was easy

february 2029
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(Gonzales Household Profile)
Cesar Gonzales (38 years), Ella Carver (16 years), Marisol, Manuel (11 years)

They say things about her sister, things that they don’t say about Ella, like how smart Marisol is, and how well-spoken. Adults have already spoken with Mari about great things like higher education and careers. The twins didn’t remember their Mom, but Manny had always been sensitive to the loss, while Mari had been bold enough to say she was glad to not have been raised in poverty by an alcoholic.

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