strong in the center

june 2021
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(Carver Household Profile)
Annie Carver (31 years), Ella (9 years), Manuel (3 years), Marisol (3 years)

It had been official two years now, since the twins first birthday, and she lost the court case with Ella’s Dad. Cesar had funded her fight to keep full custody, while the social worker Kenzie fought against her. She didn’t stand a chance against Kenzie, who claimed to have the best interest of Ella in mind.

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Holmes Family

something like hope

august 2020
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Chris Holmes (32 years), Emma (29 years), Chaz (5 years)

narrated by: Emma

Chris is working second shift, which leaves me and the kid to fend for ourselves at night. I honestly don’t know what to do with him, and he’s not a very demanding kid. I imagine if I had gotten a high maintenance kid, that I would have lost my mind by now. We have a table that my Grandma bought for us, but no one eats at it. He’s perfectly fine to eat a grilled cheese sandwich on the sofa for dinner.

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september 2018
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Cesar Gonzales (27 years), Annie Carver (28 years), Ella (6 years), Marisol (8 months), Manuel (8 months)

narrated by: Annie

Tension has been growing between me and Cesar, ever since Kenzie came here for an impromptu visit, and proceeded in threatening to take the kids away.

Sometimes I think that might be easier, if she’d do just that.

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Goss Family

paper mountains

may 2018
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Kenzie Goss (55 years), Tyler Goss (53 years), Dean Goss (9 years)

narrated by: Kenzie

It’s May, and school is beginning to wind down, for many parents it begins the discussion of what to do with the kids that are out of school for the summer while they work. I don’t have this issue as Tyler stays at home to work on his next big novel. It wasn’t until recent years that he started bringing a real income in, and now my career is peanuts to his. I say that if I didn’t love it so, I’d quit in a heartbeat and live the fat life with him. But I can’t even say that I truly love living the social worker life, all these years into it, and I feel jaded.

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Births, Carver

and then there were twins

january 2018
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Cesar Gonzales (27 years), Annie Carver (28 years), Ella (6 years)

Another one begins, Cesar is occupying Dr. Morgan, and neither are paying attention to the monitor’s zipping noises as it charts my contraction. The twins’ heartbeats slow when a contraction comes, like it’s squeezing them too tight to breath, but in this case, for their hearts to beat. It always pops back up to one hundred and fifty beats a minute right after though so Morgan isn’t concerned over it.

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Births, Louie

fall births 2017

September 2017
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Annie and Cesar are nearing their third trimester, the fact that there are two babies is something that can’t be hidden. Annie’s more uncomfortable now then she was full-term with Ella, and she still has four months to go. At this point, January seems in the very distant future, but the more uncomfortable Annie gets, maybe she’ll be less inclined on preferring the babies in utero.

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summer birthdays 2017

september 2017
Grace’sprevious update/next update

Benjamin rubbed Grace’s back while they waited for Dr. Russo-Traver’s permission to begin delivery. Grace is a little concerned how Ainsley will do becoming a big sister at the age of one.

By the time the baby is ready to arrive though, it’s the least of Grace’s worries.

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