december birthdays 2030

Isaiah Gavigan is turning 33, and Maeve decided to make him a cheesecake for dessert. She tries to interest Margot in the baking process, but she scrambles off as soon as Maeve turns her back.

Isaiah brings the rugrat back to the kitchen, but she’s really not interested in baking. Maeve tries to not have hurt feelings over it, but she’s always wanted a daughter to bake with, and she never considered Margot might not enjoy it.

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october birthdays 2030

Colleen McCarthy celebrates her first birthday with her maternal grandparents and Aunt Paige. It isn’t that Oliver’s family isn’t excited for Colleen’s birthday, as much as she is the only grandchild and niece for the Lange family, and they are that much more excited.

Trisha took vacation time from the law office so she could bake and shop for the special event. It’s Brooklyn’s birthday as well, so she doesn’t feel like it’s over celebrating. In her opinion, October is the best month for celebrations and baking without all the pressure of the holidays.

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last one left

january 2024
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Meg Schehl (25 years)

Her sister had called, it wasn’t necessarily alarming to have her on the other end, but it wasn’t the norm.

“How does it feel to be the last Schehl left to get married?” Lauren was giddy, giggling like she was on Isaac’s lap and he was nuzzling her neck. It wasn’t logical, they still had their youngest sister Lizzie back home who was very far from matrimony, and her twin brother Peter was only engaged. But Meg understood what Lauren meant, how did it feel to have your younger sister married before you.

It didn’t feel good.

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worship me

november 2022
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Isaac Gavigan (22 years), Hadley Millett (21 years), Lainey Grimsley (21 years), Chad Sumner (20 years)

narrated by: Lainey

Alice text that she witnessed Isaac making out with Lauren, his ex-girlfriend. I confronted Isaac, who said it was all lies and that Alice was jealous of our relationship. It didn’t seem like something she’d do, but then we weren’t exactly talking. I kept my eye on Isaac, it seemed when we went to Duffy’s campus bar, Lauren was always around. If Isaac saw me come in the back room, he’d shove Lauren away.

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obsolete relations

november 2020
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Isaac Gavigan (20 years), Hadley Millett (19 years), Lainey Grimsley (19 years), Chad Sumner (19 years)

narrated by: Hadley

It’s my sophomore year, and applying for medical school is still a ways down the road, but I’m focused on getting as a 4.0 for my Biology Degree. Most of the work here is textbook work, there is no patients or working at the hospital, so it should be cake when compared to what comes next. Unfortunately, the speaker for this year is Dr. Morgan Russo-Traver, and she pretty much hates me.

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youthful possibilities

october 2019
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Isaac Gavigan (19 years), Lainey Grimsley (18 years), Hadley Grimsley (18 years), Chad Sumner (18 years),

narrated by: Lainey

I started at Eastborough this semester, and got placed in Miner Hall with Hadley, and a few other students from my high school years. Back in junior high, Hadley would bully me, and make me cry almost every day after school, but now we sit together in the cafeteria. In this big university, there is this comfort in sitting by someone that you know, and not feeling swallowed whole by the enormity of college.

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