january 2019
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Norma Millett (66 years), Merrill (65 years), Grant (42 years), Leah (40 years), Hadley (18 years), Julia (16 years), Simon (9 years), Nolan (6 months)

narrated by: Julia

Isaac went off to Eastborough in the fall, I was worried I’d see him around over Christmas break, but if he came back at all, he didn’t wander near our house. I haven’t heard from him since that summer night on my porch. I thought his Mom might poke around, curious to see if the baby looked like her son, maybe demand some grandparent’s rights, but it didn’t happen.

Nolan is more like the household baby then anyone in particulars, though he rooms with my parents, so I guess they do more of the late night changing. Grandpa is smitten with him, I don’t remember if he was this attentive to us when we were little, or Simon at least. It makes me glad that I didn’t give him up for adoption to the Siew family though.

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seeking virtue

february 2018
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Tim Grimsley (42 years), Bekah Grimsley (41 years), Lainey Grimsley (17 years), Willa Grimsley (9 years), Holden Grimsley (3 months)

narrated by: Lainey

I am the only Junior that rides the bus home, since Hadley was gifted a car for her sweet sixteen. I did feel jealous at first, a Police Officer for a Dad and High School Principal for a Mom doesn’t exactly bring in the big dollars. But now with Julia pregnant I don’t really feel jealous of Hadley anymore.

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learning to teach

january 2018
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Student Enrollment List

narrated by: Oliver

Now that I’m a junior at Eastborough, I am doing my student teaching, one term here at Jefferson High and next fall I will be at the Grammar School. When I found out that the High School was going to be my first teaching experience, I had gotten concerned. I actually went to school with Hadley, sort of anyway, she was friends with Paloma, maybe still are, I wouldn’t really know.

I just thought it might be weird, especially with my siblings, Elias, Julius, and Zilla being students here. The Counselors that do scheduling don’t really care about any of that though.

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