spring birthdays 2023

march 2023

Finn and Nicole‘s youngest, Lily-Mae celebrates her eleventh birthday this spring. She was famous for having been born at her Mom’s bridal boutique Zoe-Gen, and soon she’ll be old enough to work the registers there herself. She’s not interested in ten-seconds of fame though, she wants to headline the paper as Mayor.

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what matters

july 2022
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(London Household Profile)
Myra London (80 years), Cole (59 years), Lucy (57 years), Itzel (14 years), Milo (12 years)

narrated by: Itzel

Recently Dad had, what he thought, was a brilliant idea. He was no longer mayor, and pushing retirement age himself, and he thought that his Mom should move in with us. She’s been out in Millwood all alone for years now. This isn’t the first time that Dad has wanted to move her in, but Grandma has never heard of it before.

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chrome summer

june 2020
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Tim Girmlsey (44 years), Willa (11 years), Bekah (43 years), Holden (6 years)
(Lainey Grimsley – 19 years)

narrated by: Tim

Bekah and myself never thought that Willa was the same person as Lainey, but it’s never been more apparent than now since Willa hit her pre-teen years. She’s always been a tough princess, so I don’t know why we were surprised with her keeping that personality.

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silver coin

may 2020
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Cole London (57 years), Lucy (55 years), Alice (18 years), Itzel (11 years), Milo (10 years)

narrated by: Alice

I got my acceptance letter from Eastborough University, and it came with the surprising news that I was eligible for a full ride scholarship. I scored a 60 on my SAT, and I am the first student to qualify for this, not even Lainey scored as high as I did.

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june 2019
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Violet-Adele McCarthy (29 years)
(Etienne Bernard 34 years)

narrated by: Violet-Adele

When Cole London offered me lead architect for Boone county, I only briefly hesitated. My first project was to design 3-story homes for the East side of Lincoln Park, to replace the billboard signs. They were to be affordable, and for the younger crowd with none or maybe one child. One of the perks was that I got to purchase one of the homes, whichever I pleased when they were completed.

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june 2018
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Cole London (55 years), Lucy (53 years), Alice (16 years), Itzel (10 years), Milo (8 years)

narrated by: Cole

I’ve been under a significant amount of stress lately, with keeping my law firm afloat, while taking care of my Mayor duties, and juggling my home life. Some nights when I come home, the downstairs is empty with only the kitchen light on for me. I usually find Alice is still awake, chatting with her friends on the laptop, or reading about starlets. She’s gotten it in her mind that she’s going to be a movie star, or an old fashioned pin-up model. I keep hoping it’s a phase, but Lucy isn’t sure it is.

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