Traver Family, Wedding

flowers in fall

october 2026
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(Traver Household Profile)
Ethan Traver (65 years), Cynthia Collins (51 years)

Ethan had already been married, and Cynthia wasn’t big on traditional ceremonies, and so they opted for a courthouse affair. While all of his kids didn’t make it to the ceremony, they did all come by for a family photograph afterward.

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Darling Family, Eastborough Uni, McCarthy Family

eastborough university – westfall hall

september 2026
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Lewis Traver (20 years), Rachael Darling (20 years), Zilla McCarthy (20 years), Perla Martinez (21 years), Caleb and Riley Gray (18 years), Jill Popper (18 years)

They fell into an easy rhythm. Them, alone, doing their own thing? That was the definition of simplicity.

Rachael had always felt a sense of ownership toward Lewis. He was hers, he always had been. They had both lost a parent, and they’d grown up playing on their front lawns together just outside of their townhouse as children. She’d never thought that he could be swept off by someone else, and now that he was there with her, it felt right.

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Traver Family

all by myself in the morning

march 2025
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Ethan Traver (64 years)

I went out to Eastborough for a visit with Caitlyn, she’s all set up in her new family housing without Lewis. Apparently he does come by to spend time with Thomas, and while they are reportedly still dating, it doesn’t sound like it from Caitlyn’s stories.

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Traver Family

finding things out

june 2022
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(Traver Household Profile)
Ethan Traver (61 years), Caitlyn (16 years), Aidan (16 years)

narrated by: Aidan

This past year, me and Caitlyn both got jobs, and we weren’t too happy about it. Dad sort of forced it upon us, thinks its important to be bossed around by someone other than him. I’m working at Trout Pointe Lake, I wanted to work at LexCorp Comics, but the owner of the center wouldn’t allow it. Instead, I get to help people buy tickets with their debit/credit cards.

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Goss Family

showering the bride

july 2020
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Kenzie Goss (57 years), Tyler (55 years), Dean (10 years)

narrated by: Kenzie

Tyler is working on another book, and so has chained himself to his computer. It’s always tense the last month before publication, with deadlines, and last minute tweaks. He is becoming a household name in the world of non-fiction parenting books, with his specialty on the role of step parents.

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