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december birthdays 2029

december 2029

Paloma is six months pregnant with the twins, and already feels grotesquely huge. She struggles just getting out of bed with all the weight she’s carrying in the front.

Each morning, Adam comes out of the bathroom, as she’s preparing to go in. He gives the twins a good morning talk, tells them to stay put, and that they have to listen, because he is their Dad.

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the true treasure

december 2025
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(Prince Household Profile)
Eva Prince (51 years), Gideon (43 years), Linnea Barthelet (17 years), Dahlia (5 years)

narrated by: Eva

Recently, Gideon mentioned how he still felt the desire for another baby, though logically he realizes that we, or me primarily, is past that stage. When I unexpectedly lost the baby three years ago, I wound up closing my heart to the idea entirely. Dr. Morgan had been diligent in telling me how age was against me when it came to pregnancy this late in life, and I feel very blessed with three daughters I have.

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on a tightrope

september 2021
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(Prince Household Profile)
Eva Prince (47 years), Gideon (39 years), Linnea Barthelet (13 years), Dahlia (1 years)

narrated by: Eva

I’m used to things going wrong, I never expected to be married again, or have a child later in life, let alone any such nonsense as a happy ending. Quitting Mini Sprout had seemed like a good idea when Dahlia had been born, but I can’t bring myself to enjoy all the downtime. I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop, as they say, for Gideon to get fired, or die unexpectedly, a fire to take away our home, something. Having my first husband die on our wedding night ruined these calm moments for me, they seem to leer as they attempt to coax me into sedation.

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all that was meant to be – barthelet-prince wedding

april 2019
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Eva Barthelet (45 years), Gideon Prince (37 years), Paloma Creelman (21 years), Linnea (10 years)

It’s going to be a small ceremony, small and sweet her Mother had explained at one point during the planning process. She had told this to Paloma, but they both knew that it wasn’t a decision. Decisions require a choice, and with Grandma gone there just wasn’t anyone else to invite. There was none but Eva and her two daughters, that was all that was left. Eva had two sisters at one time, there was no reason why her wedding day should be full of empty seats.

Paloma had called to be sure the extra seats were removed, it would be a painful reminder to see rows up on rows of empty chairs, with their minds filling in the happy faces that should have been there.

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