mother of the bride

december 2026
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(McCarthy Household Profile)
George McCarthy (82 years), Mandy (80 years)

narrated by: Mandy

Of all the time that we’ve spent being the parents of Violet-Adele, George has always tried to rein me in. He insists that Vi takes my love and good intentions, and views it as nagging. Which I would agree with, but since she announced her engagement to Etienne, I have been very laid back. I’m not fussed over wedding plans, or when they’ll eventually (hopefully) have a family.

My biggest concern inregards to Vi, was that she would be alone in the world after me and George are gone. Her brother and sister both have their own families, and even grandchildren when it comes to Finn, and thinking of Vi all alone, was suffocating for me. Oddly enough, George is more keyed up about the wedding than I am.

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to the fullest

september 2024
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(McCarthy Household Profile)
George McCarthy (80 years), Mandy (78 years)

narrated by: George

It’s pretty quiet during the week with just me and Mandy. Usually it’s just Sydney freaking out about the mailman to break the silence of the house. We did family photos recently, and I can honestly say that we never imagined our family blossoming in the way it has through the generations. When we had Finn and Hazel, we never envisioned great grandchildren, but have seven now because of Finn’s oldest daughters.

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careless road

july 2024
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(Russo-Traver Household Profile)
Zeke Traver (41 years), Morgan Russo-Traver (40 years), Vivienne (10 years), Cicely (10 years)

narrated by: Morgan

The girls celebrated their tenth birthday last month, and Lewis moved to university around the same time. Hard to believe that I finished with one teenager just for the girls to start that joyous time all too soon. My parents like to think they had it rough raising me, but they lack all realization on what it is like to raise twin girls that are filled with silly bones.

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repeat offender

june 2024
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(Holmes Household Profile)
Chris Holmes (36 years), Emma (33 years), Chaz (9 years), Evan (1 year), Dax (1 year)

narrated by: Emma

The twins turned one, and it had been the most difficult year of my life. I celebrated with Chris, the husband I hadn’t been intimate with more than a handful of times since the twins arrived, and spent evenings with even less. But then, I realized that the one year mark didn’t really change anything. Suddenly the twins were climbing out of beds, and I was waking up to find Evan sleeping on my bedroom floor.

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crazed with fever

june 2023
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(Krouse Household Profile)
Marshal Krouse (34 years), Lorelei (30 years)

narrated by: Lorelei

I decided now was the time to remodel The Red Mill; I hadn’t changed a single thing including staff since I took over the restaurant. Marshal wasn’t as interested in this venture, as it required a hefty $25,000 loan from start to finish. He wanted to be buying a new house at this point, and moving towards having a baby, but I’ve put all that on the backburner with my loan.

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