summer birthdays 2027

june 2027

Recently minted as a big sister, Mavis celebrates her fourth birthday this summer. Nadia and Luca are both immensely proud of their eldest daughter as she has embraced being a big sister quite quickly, and is full of individuality and spunk.

Like her big brother, Kai she already exhibits a great desire for knowledge and isn’t afraid to show her inexperience or disbelief when someone yanks her chain.

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no recess

february 2027
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Principal: Bekah Grimsley, Teachers: Brooklyn Lange and Rosabella Steinman
Student Enrollment

Alice had been hired seasonally to help upper classmen with their SAT scores and applying for scholarships; she also provided career counseling to those interested. It had been the best money Bekah had spent in recent years, aside from hiring Brooklyn and Rosabella to round out the staffing.

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on the sidelines

july 2026
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(Millett Household Profile)
Norma Millett (73 years), Merrill (72 years), Grant (49 years), Leah (47 years), Simon (16 years), Nolan (8 years)

narrated by: Simon

It still seems weird to have my sisters not living at home anymore, I had always expected Julia to move back home after graduation. I guess she was serious about Mom and Dad raising Nolan, and no one intends to tell him differently about his parentage. Mom said maybe when he’s in high school, but he could be told by a classmate any day. Seems like a horrible decision to me.

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in a days work

November 2024
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(Goss Household Profile)
Kenzie (61 years), Tyler (59 years), Dean (15 years)

narrated by: Kenzie

Caitlyn is at Eastborough University with the intent to take over my job at social services when she graduates. I’m not a spring chicken anymore, and though I don’t relish the idea of blank-slated afternoons, I can’t balance this lifestyle as well as I once could.

Now everything is up in the air though with Caitlyn winding up pregnant. She is having to ride the bus from university all the way to the northside of South Port to utilize the very services she was intent on offering.

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