december birthdays 2031

The youngest child of Caroline and Reed Welsh celebrates his twelfth birthday. His sister Molly is 15, and they are just close enough in age to irritate one another. His main interests include electronics and money.

Alex came home for the weekend from EU to have an updated family portrait taken. As soon as he finishes the term, he’ll be back home for the holidays, and Caroline can’t help but be happy to have her family back under one roof again, even if its only for a short period.

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july birthdays 2030

Miriam’s birthday sneaks up on her, forty-seven years old. It baffles her, time has gone quickly, but strangely slow in the same breath. They’d talked about having a baby, but with this birthday, it seems foolish. She really is getting too old to start over.

She tries to escape her own head by taking the girls dress shopping. They’ve decided on a quiet ceremony at the park, afterall second marriages don’t usually warrant the same fanfare.

Shira is amped up, dresses excite her, but it isn’t the same story for Scarlett or Elodie.

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Brindley, Creelman Family

down at the bakery

july 2029
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Adam Brindley (32 years), Paloma (31 years),

narrated by: Paloma

Our bakery was celebrating its one year anniversary, and we had decided to release a blueberry cheesecake to commemorate the occasion.

We had gotten into a routine with Adam cooking breakfast while I got ready, but recently I was coming down with him and rummaging through the fridge.

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winter birthdays 2028-2029

december 2028

Thomas Traver celebrates his fourth birthday this winter. It’s a momentous birthday celebration for Caitlyn as well, she’s survived being a teen Mom, the death of her Mom, being dumped by her boyfriend, and still managed to graduate college. Thomas has always been her inspiration to keep at it, and she’s beyond proud of the boy he is growing into.

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Births, Millett Family

december birthdays 2027-2028

december 2027

Meme and Daniel Blackshire happily announce the arrival of their son, Jagger Blackshire. The new parents are settling in nicely, and enjoying snuggling with their newborn as the winter weather settles in.

The Millett family sadly says goodbye to matriarch, Norma, who passed away in her sleep after a terminal illness. She was seventy four, and left behind her husband, son and his wife Leah, and three grandchildren, and one great grandson.

They had all been able to gather one more family portrait before her passing, as they celebrated Christmas early this year.

Notes: Thea and Clio Browning should have been included in this post, but I wanted to do a birthday party for them in an upcoming post, so I’ll have their birthday photos in the spring addition. They’re February babies anyway, so a March announcement isn’t too tardy.

Sadly it was time for Norma to pass. I’m starting a new round shortly, and will try to schedule deaths in better with family updates. I sort of forgot that her time was coming, and only briefly mentioned it in the London update.

Meme and Daniel are both really sweet parents, and the baby seems to take after Daniel which is a plus, the Popper family has strong genetics!

Thanks for reading!

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