Carver, Gonzales

belong with you

january 2033
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(Household Profile)
Cesar Gonzales (41 years), Marisol (15 years), Manny (15 years)

The twins turned fifteen, and for reasons unknown to Marisol, her and Rita were fighting. They’d been best friends since preschool, and now her birthday plans were destroyed.

While her social life took a dive, Manny enjoyed the moment he arrived at home after school. He enjoyed learning, however the social game wasn’t his passion like his twin. Him and Nolan were good friends without drama, and who didn’t mind taking breaks to be alone.

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Carver, Gonzales

moving house

september 2031
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(Gonzales Household Profile)
Cesar Gonzales (40 years), Marisol (13 years), Manny (13 years)

Cesar called a family meeting, asking Ella to come home for the weekend from university; it was to announce a new move for the family.

The twins had grown up in the apartment, it was their first home after their Mom died, and they didn’t really recall Annie at all. So it was really the only home they’d known.

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Janice King

Name: Janice King
Year Born: April; 1998
Height: 5’5″ (average)

Partner: Cesar Gonzales
Romantic History: N/A
Children: N/A

Education: College Graduate; Majored in Foreign Language & Economics
Academics: 4.0
Job: Executive Travel Publicist
Previous Employment: N/A
Businesses Owned: N/A

Aspiration: Fortune
Hobby: Music and Dance