I Thee Wed (Landry – Schehl Wedding)

august 2024
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Elise Landry (27 years), Peter Schehl (25 years)

A rooftop wedding in the dead of August might not have been the wisest decision, but even the threat of heatstroke couldn’t diminish Elise and Peter’s excitement. However, flower-girl Lizzie was not beyond the discomfort of the sun, nor above complaining over it.

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april 2024
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Isaac Gavigan (24 years), Lauren Gavigan (22 years)

She didn’t tell her parents, they’d gotten married nearly four months prior and it just seemed like the opportune time had passed, so she continued to say nothing. She knew that her sister Meg would rat her out, and she might even feel guilty for it, but Lauren was grateful to not share the news.

They didn’t have a honeymoon, and it seemed that reality was biting them hard. Isaac had promised they’d get real curtains for Valentine’s Day but that holiday had passed over, they celebrated with lettuce and no salad dressing. It had zero luster, then came the bills. Living in the dorm was easier with her parents helping to pay the way. This was real life mixed in with college, and it was not pleasurable.

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blinding disaster

january 2024
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Isaac Gavigan (24 years), Lauren Schehl (22 years)

Everyone has been occupied with Peter and his engagement with Elise that no one was watching Lauren. She came around with her boyfriend, the one with the reputation for getting Julia pregnant despite his denial. The one who cheated multiple times on different girls. He was a fellow Millwood neighbor, with rude parents but not in a socially unacceptable way. They didn’t have trash on their lawn, dress inappropriate, or skip out paying their bills, they just weren’t friendly and was that really a crime?

The Gavigan’s had a college graduate, they had a son in grade school, and their middle child was one that everyone just breezed over. He was a hiccup, a boy that wasn’t on the right path, but parents can’t win them all, can they? And don’t they have to cut them some slack that two-thirds of their children are doing well. They felt they had to, because they wanted the same forgiveness for their own daughter, Lauren.

She was reckless, impulsive, chasing her gut that was always, absolutely always wrong. But what more could they do for her? Telling her she was making mistakes seemed to push her after them.

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what am i waiting for

october 2023
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Peter Schehl (24 years), Elise Landry (26 years)

narrated by: Peter

Mom and Dad came by my place last fall, they were really adamant that I slow things down with Elise. I’ve been with Elise since I was pretty much eighteen, in that we started flirting then and she called things off with Isaiah Gavigan. Technically, which my parents always are much to my frustration, we officially started when I was twenty.

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under the flower

october 2022
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(Schehl Household Profile)
Delaney Schehl (59 years), Jared (58 years), Lizzie (7 years)

narrated by: Jared

Delaney’s sixtieth birthday is next year, and she says she’s ready to retire. Unfortunately, we can’t quite afford to, we still have Lizzie to put through college, not to mention Lauren who is currently attending Eastborough. We have been on opposite shifts for our entire marriage, and we are both over it, but I don’t see an end in sight.

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Mister and Mrs. (Goss – Krouse Wedding)

october 2020
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Marshal Krouse (31 years), Lorelei Goss (27 years)

Her wedding day. It had seemed ages away, and for the past few months her Mom had hounded her to finalize all the details, constantly grating on her nerves. But now, as she looks herself over one last time as Lorelei Goss, she’s thankful that her Mom had known what to do when it came to planning the wedding.

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