careless road

july 2024
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(Russo-Traver Household Profile)
Zeke Traver (41 years), Morgan Russo-Traver (40 years), Vivienne (10 years), Cicely (10 years)

narrated by: Morgan

The girls celebrated their tenth birthday last month, and Lewis moved to university around the same time. Hard to believe that I finished with one teenager just for the girls to start that joyous time all too soon. My parents like to think they had it rough raising me, but they lack all realization on what it is like to raise twin girls that are filled with silly bones.

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maintaing normalcy

september 2023
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(Millett Household Profile)
Norma Millett (70 years), Merrill (69 years), Grant (46 years), Leah (44 years), Simon (13 years), Nolan (5 years)

narrated by: Grant

We were all relieved when Hadley was accepted into Med School. She’s all set up in a rental house out in Eastborough, and we crashed it as soon as she gave us the green light. Leah hasn’t ever been especially close with our daughters despite her best efforts, and she came prepared with cash for the visit.

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grown up life

march 2023
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Oliver McCarthy (26 years), Isaiah Gavigan (26 years)

narrated by: Oliver

I thought that Isaiah would have broken up with Maeve while I was overseas teaching for the summer, but she’s still here. It’s more serious then I thought, feels like Maeve is a worm, digging her ways into him. He does seem happy though, so I don’t begrudge him. She’s at the apartment constantly, and for whatever reason, his kid brother Isaac keeps coming around. Naturally he brings his girlfriend Lauren. Overall, it feels like high school again.

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time cannot erase

november 2022
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Lauren Schehl (20 years), Alice London (20 years), Rosabella Steinman (20 years), Brooklyn Lange (20 years), Julia Millett (19 years)

narrated by: Julia

It’s my second year at Eastborough, and it’s just starting to feel like I belong here. My Freshmen year was difficult, I missed my family, and felt guilty for not missing them enough, especially Nolan. I’m trying to really throw myself into the college experience this year, I’m still studying to be a journalist. It’s always been my goal, but I sort of lost my desire after Nolan was born. I’ve gotten it back though, and my dorm mate Brooklyn has been part of the reason.

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what matters

july 2022
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(London Household Profile)
Myra London (80 years), Cole (59 years), Lucy (57 years), Itzel (14 years), Milo (12 years)

narrated by: Itzel

Recently Dad had, what he thought, was a brilliant idea. He was no longer mayor, and pushing retirement age himself, and he thought that his Mom should move in with us. She’s been out in Millwood all alone for years now. This isn’t the first time that Dad has wanted to move her in, but Grandma has never heard of it before.

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the fabric of change

december 2020
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Norma Millett (67 years), Merrill (66 years), Grant (43 years), Leah (41 years), (17 years), Simon (10 years), Nolan (2 years)

narrated by: Julia

This is my year at Jefferson High School, and I can’t wait to get out of here. Even when Lauren spread rumors that it wasn’t Isaac’s baby I was pregnant with, that wasn’t so hard to take with good friends like Alice to have my back. But now I’m here alone, and have no one to sit with at lunch. I know that in the grand scheme of life, that a lunch partner isn’t the worst thing that could happen, but it feels lonely.

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