july birthdays 2031

Meme and Daniel Blackshire’s daughter, Stevie celebrates her first birthday. Everyone exclaims she looks just like her Dad when he was little. Little Stevie absolutely adores their big dogs, especially Sif, who she’s always snuggling with when she gets the chance.

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april birthdays 2031

It’s two in the morning when Lauren can’t ignore her contractions any longer. They get checked in quickly enough, then Isaac is holding her and massaging her back as the contractions come.

It’s just past four when Dr. Morgan says it’s time to push. Lauren had second doubts about this whole delivery bit, and Isaac was barely holding himself together.

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february birthdays 2031

Clio and Thea Browning celebrate their fourth birthday. They are both excited to start preschool the next fall and be at school with their sister Mavis. She told them sometimes she might have lunch with them, and they can’t wait!

Clio is outgoing, she is looking forward to building friendships in school. She also isn’t interested in stories like her Mom and brother; she loves science and experiments.

She takes after her Mom the most, but with her Dad’s coloring.

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McCarthy Family

fresh air and sunshine

march 2029
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(McCarthy Household Profile)
Finn McCarthy (56 years), Nicole (55 years), Elias (22 years), Lily-Mae (17 years)

Nicole has been happy having Elias back home, she was wary that he would marry the city-girl and run off to South Port to live. The debt involved with the farm and renovating the house were extreme, and it was all for naught if Elias abandoned that dream.

She wasn’t happy that her son was heartbroken over the break-up. He mostly kept it under the lid, but now and then she could hear him from his bedroom. It was an unhappy coincidence that the two largest rooms in the renovation were next to one another.

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London Family

bells on christmas day

december 2023
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(London Household Profile)
Myra London (81 years), Cole (60 years), Lucy (58 years), Itzel (15 years), Milo (13 years)
(Alice London – 22 years)

narrated by: Itzel

Mom and Dad threw their annual Christmas party at the beginning of the month, it’s full of stodgy people, most of which are past Mayors, including my Dad. Only the Grimsley family even have actual children, the rest are senior citizens. Alice came home from EU for the event, Mom actually planned it for after her finals so she could spend the holiday season with us.

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Carver, Gonzales

broken pieces

december 2022
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Cesar Gonzales (31 years), Ella Carver (10 years), Marisol Carver (4 years), Manuel Carver (4 years)

narrated by: Cesar

I had considered marrying Annie at one point, but she always pushed me away. Mom always said that I couldn’t help someone who didn’t want to help themselves, and that’s why I’d backed away. I wished that I hadn’t, maybe I could have saved her if I’d tried more. Instead it’s me raising three kids alone with no other adult to share the responsibility with.

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McCarthy Family

sunset in an orchard

march 2022
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(McCarthy Household Profile)
Finn (49 years), Nicole (49 years), Julius (16 years), Elias (16 years), Zilla (16 years), Lily-Mae (10 years)

narrated by: Elias

Dad was discredited back in 2016, I was ten, and it was all over my head. The basic gist was that Dad could never go back into his Natural Science field at the university, so he’s been babysitting Grace’s daughters ever since. It was supposed to be temporary, so I don’t know why he didn’t try to find a job, but we’ve all grown used to having him and the girls’ around the house.

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