Carver, Gonzales

broken pieces

december 2022
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Cesar Gonzales (31 years), Ella Carver (10 years), Marisol Carver (4 years), Manuel Carver (4 years)

narrated by: Cesar

I had considered marrying Annie at one point, but she always pushed me away. Mom always said that I couldn’t help someone who didn’t want to help themselves, and that’s why I’d backed away. I wished that I hadn’t, maybe I could have saved her if I’d tried more. Instead it’s me raising three kids alone with no other adult to share the responsibility with.

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strong in the center

june 2021
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(Carver Household Profile)
Annie Carver (31 years), Ella (9 years), Manuel (3 years), Marisol (3 years)

It had been official two years now, since the twins first birthday, and she lost the court case with Ella’s Dad. Cesar had funded her fight to keep full custody, while the social worker Kenzie fought against her. She didn’t stand a chance against Kenzie, who claimed to have the best interest of Ella in mind.

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Goss Family

showering the bride

july 2020
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Kenzie Goss (57 years), Tyler (55 years), Dean (10 years)

narrated by: Kenzie

Tyler is working on another book, and so has chained himself to his computer. It’s always tense the last month before publication, with deadlines, and last minute tweaks. He is becoming a household name in the world of non-fiction parenting books, with his specialty on the role of step parents.

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London Family


june 2018
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Cole London (55 years), Lucy (53 years), Alice (16 years), Itzel (10 years), Milo (8 years)

narrated by: Cole

I’ve been under a significant amount of stress lately, with keeping my law firm afloat, while taking care of my Mayor duties, and juggling my home life. Some nights when I come home, the downstairs is empty with only the kitchen light on for me. I usually find Alice is still awake, chatting with her friends on the laptop, or reading about starlets. She’s gotten it in her mind that she’s going to be a movie star, or an old fashioned pin-up model. I keep hoping it’s a phase, but Lucy isn’t sure it is.

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McCarthy Family, Woodfolk

walking arm in arm

april 2013
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Hazel Woodfolk (31 years), Jude Woodfolk (30 years), Bea Woodfolk (1 year),
(Mandy McCarthy – 67 years, George McCarthy – 69 years, Morgan Russo – 29 years, Emma McCarthy – 22 years,)

narrated by Hazel

Jude and I have been married for sixteen months, when it’s said that way it seems like hardly anytime at all. I can’t really recall my life without him or Bea in it though. I don’t know what I did with my time, that I always felt so busy and rushed before parenthood, because I know the true meaning of a busy schedule now. I couldn’t imagine myself any happier than I am now though.

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