Browning, Traver Family

tulips in spring

may 2026
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(Browning Household Profile)
Luca Browning (31 years), Nadia (30 years), Kai (10 years), Mavis (3 years)

narrated by: Nadia

Luca has thoroughly enjoyed raising Mavis, and teaching her things that Kai already knew when we started dating. Unfortunately, I don’t think Mavis got the memo, and she’s often rather distracted when he’s trying to impress onto her something great like a nursery rhyme.

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Traver Family

until you don’t

september 2025
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Colin Traver (30 years)

narrated by: Colin

Meredith came banging on my door late one night, I had expected a real emergency until I saw her standing there. I knew she wanted something, I haven’t seen her since the family photo op, and even then we didn’t speak.

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Births, Traver Family

winter birthdays 2024-2025

december 2024

Marshal and Lorelei are two months pregnant with their first, and are due in August. Lorelei cannot wait until the morning sickness abides. She’s hoping to find the energy to start decorating the nursery soon, and they still need to tackle a girl baby name.

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Browning, Traver Family, Wedding

My Everything (Browning – Traver Wedding)

may 2023
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Luca Traver (28 years), Nadia (27 years), Kai (7 years)

The guests were arriving, the skies were clear with the sound of baby birds nesting far above in the ancient trees. Nadia was no longer concerned about what guests had arrived, and if there would be enough cake for everyone, she could only live in this moment. It felt that they’d worked towards this for years, from Luca first pining for her, and Lorelei had tried being a wingman. Yet it seemed surreal.

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Traver Family

perfect persuasion

september 2020
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Luca Traver (25 years), Nadia Browning (24 years), Kai Browning (3 years)

narrated by: Luca

When my brother Colin decided to play house with Erin, it only made sense to move in with my cousin Lorelei, she couldn’t afford her place alone, and since her apartment was better than mine, I moved in there. But now she’s getting married in October, and I found myself on my own again.

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Traver Family

crashing world

february 2020
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Ethan Traver (59 years), Caitlyn (14 years), Aidan (14 years)

narrated by: Caitlyn

We moved in with my Dad three years ago, he sort of bribed me by getting an apartment that allowed dogs. Mom’s had a strict no pet policy, and as I had just turned eleven and only wanted a dog more than anything else in the world, it wasn’t hard for me to jump ship.

Aidan followed, we don’t do everything together as perhaps twins of the same sex might, but we couldn’t imagine not living together. Mom didn’t put up a fight, and Bazooka, my dog ended up becoming one of my best friends, and constants. Mom started canceling our visitations that by Christmas of that year, we had stopped hearing from her.

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