Castellanetta, Schehl

tantrums and pointe

march 2032
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Meg Schehl (32 years), Jaron Castellanetta (30 years), Rosemary (1 1/2 years)

Rosemary has been slow when learning to walk, so Jaron has made it a point to work with her daily. This is something Rosemary isn’t fond of at all. Jaron’s heard stories how Meg threw tantrums into her teenage years, and he has a feeling her little mini me is harnessing the same attitude.

When she succeeds though, she’s all grins, and this helps Jaron feel less poorly about forcing his daughter to learn to walk.

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home of love and dreams

march 2032
Riley Gray (24 years), Caleb (24 years) Quinn (2 years)

It’s rough water at first, living with her twin brother again. Their personalities are very similar, except Caleb has no sense of humor. This makes him more judgemental and irritable than Riley ever feels.

He’s supposed to be helping with rent, but he’s unemployed. He has a four year degree in Meteorology, but there hasn’t been any openings in nearly a year since he graduated.

It only makes sense then that Caleb babysit Quinn while Riley goes to work at Zoe-Gen. This is something her Mom had been doing, despite having a full-time job herself. It’s one reason they paid the down payment for Riley, and getting a babysitter was their hope. But it doesn’t make sense financially, considering Caleb isn’t even paying rent without a job.

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Creelman Family, London Family

celebratory weekend

february 2032
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Itzel London (24 years), Linnea Barthelet (24 years)

Linnea is still working at her sister’s bakery, Love + Flour, something she hadn’t anticipated this far past graduation. It had started as a way to help Paloma while she was pregnant with the twins, then while they were infants, but they’ll turn two next month, and she’s still working the six am shift.

Her Mom had warned her an art degree was a tricky path, and something her Father would have chosen. It’s not the first time her Mom has considered her a dreamer like her late Father, but he isn’t here to give advice on what to do now that she’s grown with a degree no one seems to care about.

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march birthdays 2031

Dave and Alicia Brewer’s eldest, Percy celebrates his fourth birthday. He’s very outgoing and loves to play with his baby brother Elliot. He does get a bit grouchy when his brother gets into his toys, especially since they share a bedroom.

Rita Popper celebrates her 12th birthday, and if anything, she’s realized family is very important to her. All of the Popper’s are close, and she really appreciates having such a large family support her.

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Brindley, Creelman Family

babies and cake

june 2030
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Adam Brindley ( years), Paloma ( years), Hugo and Odessa (3 months)

The twins turn three months, and they seem to require a more rigid sleep schedule than previously. It’s almost like the older they get, they are more demanding. Paloma’s Mom tells her that won’t always be the case, but it’s disheartening to Paloma as she hopes to juggle parenthood and the bakery very soon.

Love + Flour took a financial hit during the spring. They hadn’t been able to find someone to replace Paloma temporarily. Anyone with the experience wanted the full-time gig, with benefits, and job security. They weren’t offering those things, because Paloma fully intended to return to work in 6 months or so, at least part-time.

While some customers wished the new family good luck, some were more interested in their pastries and fulfilling their cravings.

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