teen spirit

january 2015
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Delaney Schehl (52 years), Jared Schehl (51 years), Meg Schehl (16 years), Peter Schehl (16 years), Lauren Schehl (13 years)

narrated by: Jared Schehl

Delaney has been busy working on a Holiday Cookbook, it will be released this September, in time for the next holiday season.

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walking arm in arm

april 2013
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Hazel Woodfolk (31 years), Jude Woodfolk (30 years), Bea Woodfolk (1 year),
(Mandy McCarthy – 67 years, George McCarthy – 69 years, Morgan Russo – 29 years, Emma McCarthy – 22 years,)

narrated by Hazel

Jude and I have been married for sixteen months, when it’s said that way it seems like hardly anytime at all. I can’t really recall my life without him or Bea in it though. I don’t know what I did with my time, that I always felt so busy and rushed before parenthood, because I know the true meaning of a busy schedule now. I couldn’t imagine myself any happier than I am now though.

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amending lines

september 2012
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Delaney Schehl (49 years), Jared Schehl (48 years), Peter Schehl (13 years), Meg Schehl (13 years), Lauren Schehl (10 years),
(Paloma Creelman – 14 years)

Meg hung on the bars while her mom prepared pancakes for breakfast. This was her last year in the middle grades, and though it had only begun, she couldn’t help but feel old, especially on their play equipment. It didn’t bring the same sense of adventure, and excitement as it had just a few years before. It’d been years since they moved to this house on Quail Run Lane, in the prestigious neighborhood, Audubon Shore. Their parents had wanted the best for their children, and if a home address guaranteed success, than they had gotten as close as they could to giving it. They didn’t have the finances for a house on Snowy Owl Lane, but Delaney and Jared hoped that this would be enough to get into any college.

They had bought an entire park’s worth of play equipment for their children to have for their fancy, and possibly envy of the other kids. Though no one was financially woeful in this neighborhood, and the kids on Snowy Owl, including Paige Lange, had an actual ocean-side beach. Meg didn’t think any of the kids in this neighborhood envied anything about her, but kids all across Jefferson High School envied Paige Lange. Maybe there was something prestigious about an address.

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straight ahead

september 2012
Student Enrollment List
previous update: spring 2011

narrated by Lainey Grimsley

For the first week of a school a red-lettered banner hung above the door, reading “Welcome Students to Jefferson High, and below it read: Aim High and Achieve. The wind tore it off with the help of Colin and Luca Traver. When I was in fifth grade, my mother had taken the job as teacher of the Junior Classes, and if that wasn’t bad enough, she was promoted to principal this summer. My own mother, the principal of my school for the next seven years.

(junior high kids sitting, high school kids standing, seniors on the steps, next to principal bekah grimsley)

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playing nice

May 2011
Principal: Jared Prickett; Teacher Bekah Grimsley (34 years)
Lorelei Goss (18 years), Colin Traver (16 years), Luca Traver (16 years), Oliver McCarthy (14 years), Paloma Creelman (13 years), Meg Schehl (12 years), Peter Schehl (12 years)

It’s May, my favorite season, flowers are in bloom, and the morning air is full of of bird songs. The earth comes to life with rebirth, and everything seems to sing the song of second chances. Inside, I’m singing too. I’m a senior, and this is my last month of high school. I’ve never felt as free as I do in this instant, standing on the brink of the rest of my life.

Over cold cereal, my mom asks if I’m going to miss high school. If I say no, I’ll hurt her feelings, if I say yes, then I’m lying. I shove another bite of cereal in my mouth and just smile apologetically at her.

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enough; part 2

February 2011
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Delaney Schehl (48 years), Jared Schehl (47 years), Meg Schehl (12 years), Peter Schehl (12 years), Lauren Schehl (9 years), Seoul (dog)
(Kenzie Goss – 48 years)

Peter and Meg had started junior high in the fall, and if there was one thing that Peter noticed immediately, it was his short stature. It seemed all the girls had grown over the summer, and left him looking dwarfed next to their long legs. For all he had known this summer, was that him and his twin sister were of normal height, that is until school started. It was there, that he noticed many of the girls had changed over the summer. Most of all was Paige, Paige Lange.

She wasn’t in his grade, she was fifteen to be exact, and had just started high school. She also worked as a server at the South Soda Shop. She was taller, and he knew she probably didn’t like that. Nothing like being a foot shorter and three years younger, to win a girl over. But Paige Lange, was the girl of his dreams. Peter was certain of this fact.

He offered to walk her home from work; it hadn’t been a coincidence that he’d been there til closing time. And to his surprise, she had accepted. She smiled, showing off her dimples, and perfectly straight, white teeth. She finished cleaning tables, with each step, her blonde curls bounced as if on springs.

They walked home, and stopped under the street light; she lived across the street. Peter could see how this would work out well if they started dating.

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