McCarthy Family, Traver Family

mostly happy

march 2028
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Julius McCarthy (22 years), Aidan Traver (22 years), Perla Martinez (22 years)

narrated by Perla

When I graduated university, Mom and Dad insisted that I move anywhere but in with Julius. They are old-fashioned when it comes to living with boyfriends, plus they down right don’t approve of him. I may have let it slip that he was involved with some shady people, plus he lives in a run down unit as well.

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spring birthdays 2028

march 2028

Dave and Alicia’s Brewer’s son, Percy celebrates his first birthday this spring. They are quite smitten with their son, and Alicia has decided to continue staying at home with him, since she was laid off the previous year.

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Holmes Family, McCarthy Family

celebrating milestones

february 2028
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Chris Holmes (40 years), Emma (37 years), Chaz (13 years), Dax (5 years), Evan (5 years)

narrated by: Emma

Chris turns forty this month, and thought he ought to dye his hair back to natural before he went totally gray. He saw that my cousin, Monroe was rocking a faux hawk of sorts, and he decided that it was time he got more adult hair.

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Longfellow Elementary

10 Little Snowflakes

january 2028
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Principal: Lucy London
1st-3rd grade teacher: Oliver McCarthy
Prek-Kindergarten teacher: Miriam Dwyer
Student Enrollment

narrated by: Lucy

For the first time in as long as I have worked at Longfellow, which is quite a many years, we have a reduction in students. Census shows that we don’t have any surges in our populace for at minimum the next four years. So our classrooms are less occupied, and the students are getting more one on one attention. All of those things are good. It’d be even better timing to train a replacement principal for myself, while the classes are controllable. I turn sixty-three this year, and imagine I’ll go until I’m sixty-eight or so. Unfortunately I don’t know who to pick, Miriam or Oliver, and then I need a replacement teacher still. I’m putting it off despite knowing I shouldn’t, hopeful that some great teachers will be graduating EU shortly.

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believing in me

december 2027
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Meg Schehl (28 years)

I wrote my first play back at university, and have been trying to wedge my foot in the door of theater ever since. Finally this past summer, one of my earlier plays was picked up to run at the community theater through September and October. I had a great cast, and the rehearsals went superbly well. Our reviews were a mixed bag, but overall the theme was that there was talent on the stage, and potential for me as well.

The theater definitely wants me to write and direct another play in the future too, I just need to get some new material to them to review.

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Births, Millett Family

december birthdays 2027-2028

december 2027

Meme and Daniel Blackshire happily announce the arrival of their son, Jagger Blackshire. The new parents are settling in nicely, and enjoying snuggling with their newborn as the winter weather settles in.

The Millett family sadly says goodbye to matriarch, Norma, who passed away in her sleep after a terminal illness. She was seventy four, and left behind her husband, son and his wife Leah, and three grandchildren, and one great grandson.

They had all been able to gather one more family portrait before her passing, as they celebrated Christmas early this year.

Notes: Thea and Clio Browning should have been included in this post, but I wanted to do a birthday party for them in an upcoming post, so I’ll have their birthday photos in the spring addition. They’re February babies anyway, so a March announcement isn’t too tardy.

Sadly it was time for Norma to pass. I’m starting a new round shortly, and will try to schedule deaths in better with family updates. I sort of forgot that her time was coming, and only briefly mentioned it in the London update.

Meme and Daniel are both really sweet parents, and the baby seems to take after Daniel which is a plus, the Popper family has strong genetics!

Thanks for reading!

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McCarthy Family

the root of joy

november 2027
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(McCarthy Household Profile)
Finn McCarthy (54 years), Nicole (54 years), Lily-Mae (15 years)

narrated by: Nicole

Fall is a busy time for the farm, we invited all the grandkids over to help pick the apples in the orchard. We aren’t opposed to a bit of free labor, paid for with apple pie and apple cider, plus fond memories.

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