round 13 summary; round 14 ROS

Round 13 Story Index

Births: 14 (Noam Siew, Bianca Pacelli, Alfred Steele, Grady McCarthy, Lucia Pacelli, Howie Gavigan, *Cillian McCarthy and *Rory McCarthy, Eloise Abbott, Sybil Browning, *Rupert Bowen and *Philip Bowen, *Emily Castellanetta and *Victor Castellanetta

Deaths: 0

Engagements: 1 (Alice London and Martin Fenwick)

Marriages: 2 (Julia Millett and Elias McCarthy, Zilla McCarthy and Pete Steinman)

Break-ups: 2 (Cicely and Chaz and Dean Goss and Rachael Darling)

High School Graduations: 4 (Eden Fink, Holden Grimsley, *Vivienne Russo-Traver, *Cicely Russo-Traver)

College Graduations: 4 (Milo London, Scarlett Siew, Lulu Grimsley, Simon Millett)

New residents: 3 (Riley Gray, Quinn Gray, Jaron Castellanetta)

New PNPC status: 1 (Julius McCarthy)

*denotes twins

^Total Playable Population: 127 (57 males, 70 females)

Babies: 6
Toddlers: 11
Children: 11
Teens: 17
College: 9
Adults: 64
Elders: 9

^(Total Population doesn’t include PNPC population, but I do include them at the top)

Round 14 ROS:
1. Mini Mid-life crisis! Change your secondary aspiration, roll to see what it is.
2. Uh-Oh! Your family pet is in the family way, have puppies or kittens with household or neighborhood pets.
3. Grumpy Day! Use only negative interactions.
4. BFF doesn’t always mean forever after all, fight with best friend.
5. Slackin’:Sim skips class for 3 days and cannot do any studying or classwork.

Round 14 Medical ROS
1. SURGERY – Ear Tubes (aged 11 and under)

Notes: I actually really stink when it comes to tracking new relationships and break-ups. So I doubt that’s accurate.

I started this round November 2019… so just over a year to finish a round. For the immense amount of households I have, I believe this is the fastest I’ve completed a round. I’m discounting when I started, and I only had like 8 households.

The ROS has a good amount of possible negative outcomes. I think the only positive for sure is the puppies/kitten! I never breed my pets, so I’m actually excited to give that a go, or use the statue and cheat it. Regardless, it’ll be fun, because I have those cute puppy/kitty colored coats.

Thank you to everyone who has read, commented, and liked my posts over the years; I appreciate every single one of you!


october birthdays 2032

Grady McCarthy celebrates his first birthday with his parents and grandparents. Elias and Julia are both proud of themselves for surviving this first year of change, opening a farmer’s market, farming, living with inlaws, and having a newborn while making it through the first year of the marriage.

The Grandparents come downstairs to celebrate Grady’s first birthday. They’ve enjoyed having a baby in the house again after all these years.

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Eastborough Uni

eastborough university – linden hall

september 2032
previous update
Bea Woodfolk (21 years), Clara Sumner (21 years), Jake Grimsley (19 years), Monroe Woodfolk (19 years), Vivienne Russo-Traver (18 years), Cicely Russo-Traver (18 years)

The semester starts off with lovers reunited as Vivienne joins Monroe on campus; they even are assigned to the same dormitory. They wait for the bus together, eat dinner together, and spend more time together than they’ve ever been allowed. They’re both feeling pretty happy about college.

Vivienne’s twin sister, Cicely had started the year missing her ex-boyfriend, Chaz. She broke up with him, because she didn’t believe it was fair to hold either of them back. Now that she’s on campus though, she’s finding herself happy with her decision. One fellow classmate, Rupert Woodrow started coming around more often, and Cicely didn’t mind the attention.

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september birthdays 2032

Erin and Nico Pacelli’s daughter, Bianca celebrates her first birthday this month. Erin has two children from a previous relationship, and this is Nico’s first child.

A toddler birthday party isn’t exactly exciting for Logan and Mallory, but Erin is ignoring their poor attitudes. Logan also has his birthday, he’s turning fifteen, and he’s heading to his friend’s house as soon as the cake is over for Bianca.

Nico would like one more. He’d like Bianca to have a sibling to grow up with like Logan and Mallory have one another, and him and Erin had their respective siblings. Erin understands this, but she’s hesitant after the complications she had with Bianca. They leave it open for discussion.

Bianca Pacelli.

She has her Dad’s eye color and shape, and her Mom’s nose.


Caitlyn Traver enters her second trimester, and now that she’s showing, she’s decided it’s time to tell Thomas the news. She announces that he will be a big brother in March.

She expected him to be happy, seeing he’s wanted a sibling for a while now, but he wasn’t.

He wanted to know why she was having a baby when she wasn’t married. Was she going to marry Brandon? She didn’t have any answers, and she didn’t expect to get pregnant at this time. It seemed when it came to having children, timing wasn’t on her side.

Her honesty of the unknown doesn’t ease Thomas’ apprehension.

When Caitlyn asked if he was even a little excited, he admitted he was, but only a very tiny amount.

Then he excused himself to go play with the dog outside.

Caitlyn is hoping Thomas comes around; she’s also hoping she does too. She’s determined to focus on healthy living, and taking care of herself during this pregnancy. She is in a much better place this time around, and she’s going to focus on her health this time around. Although she isn’t sure how she feels about a long-term commitment to Brandon, the baby’s father.

Caitlyn is due in March.


Silas celebrates his fifth birthday, and all of the Grimsley family show up. However, he feels they’re doting on his baby sister, Eloise a bit too much for his liking.

Even his Aunt Willa came over, and Silas hasn’t seen her much since she graduated EU.

But then, Eloise needs a nap. Suddenly, Silas is eating pizza with his family, asking all sorts of questions, and all the adults are answering them. This becomes one of his favorite birthdays, but next year, he wants a big party with his friends. His Mom said no this year because Eloise is too little for the germs, but next year, she won’t be!

September Birthdays
Matias Martinez – 58 years (pnpc)
Hazel McCarthy – 50 years
Charlie Grimsley – 47 years
Enzo Pacelli – 46 years (pnpc)
Emma Holmes – 41 years
Catherine Popper – 36 years (pnpc)
Clara Sumner – 21 years (pnpc)
Roman Woodfolk – 17 years
Lizzie Schehl – 17 years
Kai Browning – 16 years
Logan Louie – 15 years
Domenico Pacelli – 11 years (pnpc)
Silas Abbott – 5 years
Rosemary Schehl – 2 years
Bianca Pacelli – 1 years

September Anniversaries
Zeke & Morgan Russo-Traver – 19 years
Enzo & Ginny Pacelli – 19 years (pnpc)
Quint & Miriam Siew – 2 years

Nadia Browning – 8 month; due October
Paige Bowen – 7 month; due November
Meg Schehl – 5 month; due December
Raina Bowers – 4 month; due February
Tamika Wright – 4 month; due February
Caitlyn Traver – 3 month; due March

Notes: Bianca is pretty adorable. Nico has the want for another baby, but Erin doesn’t, which fits my story for her, having y’know died giving birth to Bianca. Bethany saved her life, and she had a c-section, so it’d make sense she wouldn’t be keen to have another one. We will have to see with them.

Silas was being a bit of a pistol, his aspiration was a bit low, and he just wanted all the attention. When Eloise took a nap, he was feeling better.

So Caitlyn told Thomas she was pregnant, and he was not impressed. That’s his actual reaction and facial expressions. Here’s hoping he comes around. Caitlyn isn’t rolling things for Brandon, I’m not sure she’s feeling it. I can also see her nervous, because she wanted Thomas’ Dad to be in the picture, in a relationship with her, and he dumped her for her niece, Rachael. So maybe she’s hesitant to commit to anyone or share the responsibility of raising this new baby. But between me and all of you, I think these ladies are better off without Garrick and Brandon! Drama City that group of friends.

Thanks for reading!

London Family, Siew

in the city

august 2032
Alice’s previous update; Scarlett’s previous update
Alice London (29 years), Scarlett Siew (22 years)

Scarlett answered a roommate ad; the pressure from her parents (mostly her Mom) was too much for Scarlett to choose either parent to live with. She wanted to live with her Dad, especially with his diagnosis, but he didn’t really have the room. Truthfully, neither of her parents had a space for her. So she interviewed with Alice London.

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