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december birthdays 2029

december 2029

Paloma is six months pregnant with the twins, and already feels grotesquely huge. She struggles just getting out of bed with all the weight she’s carrying in the front.

Each morning, Adam comes out of the bathroom, as she’s preparing to go in. He gives the twins a good morning talk, tells them to stay put, and that they have to listen, because he is their Dad.

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february 2026
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(Siew Household Profile)
Quint Siew (36 years), Rebecca (36 years), Scarlett (16 years), Elodie (10 years), Wyatt (7 years), Tyson (4 years)

narrated by: Quint

When I graduated from the online university, I had hoped to land a bit higher in the detective world, instead of a Gumshoe. I had kept my optimism through those times, realizing that it might be tight and perhaps, Rebecca would need to go back to full-time hours, but that eventually we’d land on top. We were never going to be on top of anything with me in construction, killing myself with the long hours and hard labor. Eventually my body would not be able to rebound, and I’d be a bent-over man with an ailing back.

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winter birthdays 2019

december 2019

Rebecca woke in the early morning hours to labor pains. She had made arrangements for Grace to come stay with the girls so they could stay in their beds. She didn’t want to disturb their sleep; despite her best of intentions though, as she kissed Elodie goodbye, she couldn’t help but feel like a sneak in the night, and that perhaps Elodie wouldn’t understand her Mom’s absence come the morning.

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pink castle

march 2019
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Quint Siew (29 years), Rebecca (29 years), Scarlett (9 years), Elodie (2 years)

narrated by: Rebecca

Elodie has been living with us for six months now, and it’s like she’s always been apart of our family. Scarlett has been waiting several years for a little sister, and it seems like all the waiting was for Elodie so she could be ours.

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McCarthy Family, Woodfolk

good luck charms

july 2018
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Hazel Woodfolk (36 years), Jude (35 years), Bea (7 years), Monroe (4 years), Roman (2 years)

narrated by: Hazel

My sister, Vi has been staying with us while she worked on this building project for the North side of Lincoln Park. They tore down dilapidated buildings and hired her to give it a fresh new look. She was offered a full time position by Mayor Cole to work for the city’s architect team, in rebuilding parts of South Port. She didn’t accept immediately, but this past spring did make it official. She is now Architectural Partner to Boone County, and happened to purchase one of the homes she built.

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Births, Louie

fall births 2017

September 2017
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Annie and Cesar are nearing their third trimester, the fact that there are two babies is something that can’t be hidden. Annie’s more uncomfortable now then she was full-term with Ella, and she still has four months to go. At this point, January seems in the very distant future, but the more uncomfortable Annie gets, maybe she’ll be less inclined on preferring the babies in utero.

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