january birthdays 2033

On a snowy Sunday afternoon, Otto‘s grandparents come over to celebrate his fourth birthday.

His big sister, Penelope is pretty excited her baby brother will be going to school with her in the fall.

She will miss bossing him around and carrying him around the house.

Otto isn’t as outgoing as Penelope, but he makes up for it with his activeness, just like his Mama.

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Brindley, Creelman Family

making time

october 2032
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Adam Brindley (35 years), Paloma (34 years), Hugo (2 years), Odessa (2 years)

Chilly days arrived and the leaves began to fall, which made it more pleasant to be outside. The twins were two, and they always seemed to be getting into something. They had some delays, Hugo even more so, and on afternoons off, they tended to their twins’ needs.

Odessa looked to Hugo for encouragement with walking while Hugo wasn’t scared as much as he just didn’t have the skill.

Hugo struggled with speech and movement, and Paloma worked with him the most as Adam felt inept.

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home of love and dreams

march 2032
Riley Gray (24 years), Caleb (24 years) Quinn (2 years)

It’s rough water at first, living with her twin brother again. Their personalities are very similar, except Caleb has no sense of humor. This makes him more judgemental and irritable than Riley ever feels.

He’s supposed to be helping with rent, but he’s unemployed. He has a four year degree in Meteorology, but there hasn’t been any openings in nearly a year since he graduated.

It only makes sense then that Caleb babysit Quinn while Riley goes to work at Zoe-Gen. This is something her Mom had been doing, despite having a full-time job herself. It’s one reason they paid the down payment for Riley, and getting a babysitter was their hope. But it doesn’t make sense financially, considering Caleb isn’t even paying rent without a job.

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Births, Lange

march birthdays 2032

Trish and Trent Lange celebrate their fortieth anniversary at home with their daughters. Trish goes out back to pick spring blossoms to display in the house while she waits for the girls to arrive.

Brooklyn and her family walk over, being neighbors to them. Instantly Colleen runs to Moose to strangle him with love.

Trent checks in with Brooklyn, she’s due with twins next month, and she’s over the entire pregnancy. Her ankles are swollen, she’s too big for some maternity clothes even.

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Russo, Traver Family

before you, all your dreams

december 2031
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(Russo-Traver Household Profile)
John Russo (79 years), Zeke Traver (48 years), Morgan Russo-Traver (47 years), Vivienne (17 years), Cicely (17 years)

December started with their Grandpa John being admitted for a staph infection. Morgan wasn’t terribly concerned for her Dad, having seen it on elderly many times in her career, and she felt confident with her skills to get her Dad back on the mend and back home.

The girls were more rattled by it all, and they missed him terribly at home.

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