Dwyer, Siew

parental rights

december 2032
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Miriam Siew ( years), Quint ( years), Elodie (16 years), Shira (15 years), Asher (15 years), Wyatt (12 years), Tyson (10 years), Noam (1 year)

Winter break, and Elodie found herself back at her Dad’s house. There had been a growing animosity between the girls, but it stemmed from Elodie. She couldn’t quite explain the reason, because she had won the affections of their mutual crush, Kai Browning. Perhaps it was how Shira had simply moved on, always content, which irked Elodie.

She missed sharing a bedroom with her big sister, Scarlett, and she realized those days were in the past; she would never share a room with her again. Now she was stuck with perfect Shira.

She called Kai up to arrange a date with him, insisting it wasn’t too early to meet, and being rather loud on the phone. Shira rolled over, trying to maintain sleep.

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London Family, Siew

in the city

august 2032
Alice’s previous update; Scarlett’s previous update
Alice London (29 years), Scarlett Siew (22 years)

Scarlett answered a roommate ad; the pressure from her parents (mostly her Mom) was too much for Scarlett to choose either parent to live with. She wanted to live with her Dad, especially with his diagnosis, but he didn’t really have the room. Truthfully, neither of her parents had a space for her. So she interviewed with Alice London.

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post-divorce woes

may 2032
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Rebecca Siew (41 years), Elodie (15 years), Wyatt (12 years), Tyson (10 years)

At the start of the month, Rebecca decided it was time to pursue her dream of owning a pottery studio or at least find out how to attain it one day. While her other kids were supportive, Tyson was the only one who was really pumped at the idea. He begged to go with which delighted Rebecca.

Marta came out and greeted her, but she also greeted Tyson.

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may birthdays 2032

Grace and Ben’s third daughter, Tillie Andersen celebrates her 12th birthday with her friends and family. She enjoys socializing with friends and being outside in nature. She’s closest with her youngest sister, Hatty, who is feeling a bit sad at being left behind in childhood while all her big sisters are teens.

Jefferson High has four graduates this spring, all four students have excelled academically, with two named Valedictorian.

Vivienne Russo-Traver was the highest Valedictorian, surprising her twin sister and family. She edged ahead with her cheerleading career, and she has gained a sports scholarship for Eastborough University.

Vivienne received the Scholar’s Grant, Quigley Visual Arts, Tsang Footwork, and Young Entrepreneuer Award, totalling $3500. She also scored a 54 on her SAT which grants her a partial scholarship for 50% of her tuition as she keeps her academics and sport participation in good standing.

Vivienne is undecided currently for her degree.

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Eastborough Uni

eastborough university – linden hall

october 2031
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Scarlett Siew (21 years), Michael Popper (21 years), Bea Woodfolk (20 years), Clara Sumner (20 years), Jake Grimsley (18 years), Monroe Grimsley (18 years)

New semester started with a move for some experienced students as Westfall Hall underwent renovations and updates. Scarlett took to the change with ease, actually preferring Linden Hall over the previous one. However, Bea wasn’t as happy with the changes.

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