Eastborough Uni

eastborough university – linden hall

october 2031
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Scarlett Siew (21 years), Michael Popper (21 years), Bea Woodfolk (20 years), Clara Sumner (20 years), Jake Grimsley (18 years), Monroe Grimsley (18 years)

New semester started with a move for some experienced students as Westfall Hall underwent renovations and updates. Scarlett took to the change with ease, actually preferring Linden Hall over the previous one. However, Bea wasn’t as happy with the changes.

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june birthdays 2031

Trent Lange celebrates his 60th birthday this month. He was hoping one of his daughters would announce they were pregnant, but it isn’t the case. His eldest Paige hasn’t tried since she lost her first pregnancy, and while Brooklyn is trying, she’s also trying to schedule it around school breaks, which hasn’t panned out yet.

He loves having Colleen as a grandchild, he’d just like a few more before he’s too old to enjoy them. He isn’t planning to retire from his career, as he’s president of the company, he can have the time off he needs.

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april birthdays 2031

It’s two in the morning when Lauren can’t ignore her contractions any longer. They get checked in quickly enough, then Isaac is holding her and massaging her back as the contractions come.

It’s just past four when Dr. Morgan says it’s time to push. Lauren had second doubts about this whole delivery bit, and Isaac was barely holding himself together.

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home for the holidays

december 2030
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Rebecca Siew (40 years), Elodie (14 years), Wyatt (11 years), Tyson (9 years)

Quint and his new wife are determined to borrow the kids for a week at a time; apparently Miriam enjoys playing house with my children. I’ve obliged, but I’m awfully lonely with the empty house.

I pull longer shifts at the diner when they are away.

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Eastborough Uni

eastborough university – westfall hall

september 2030
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Willa Grimsley (21 years), Dean Goss (21 years), Evie Jitmakusol (21 years), Scarlett Siew (20 years), Michael Popper (20 years), Bea Woodfolk (19 years), Clara Sumner (19 years)

Willa was one of many girls who had tried to nab Dean, unlike Lulu, she had finally succeeded. How she got there wasn’t entirely her own making, there was a fair amount of luck involved, good for her, bad for others.

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