closing time

may 2028
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Oliver McCarthy (31 years), Isaiah and Maeve Gavigan (31 years)

narrated by: Oliver

Isaiah got married just over a year ago, and Maeve has been trying to get pregnant ever since. I’m grateful that the bathroom separates our rooms, but they are fans of the sofa and will attempt there if they don’t expect me home.

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spring birthdays 2028

march 2028

Dave and Alicia’s Brewer’s son, Percy celebrates his first birthday this spring. They are quite smitten with their son, and Alicia has decided to continue staying at home with him, since she was laid off the previous year.

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the seed of triumph

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(London Household Profile)
Myra London (85 years), Cole (64 years), Lucy (62 years), Milo (17 years)

narrated by: Milo

Grandma has been down lately, she found out her long-time friend, Norma is terminally ill. When Grandma still lived on her own, and owned the Farmer’s Market in Millwood, they used to drink coffee every week, and catch up on gossip around town. Since Grandma moved in with us, she confesses that she hadn’t kept up those ties, and now feels plagued with guilt.

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chaos theory

february 2024
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(Andersen Household Profile)
Benjamin Andersen (37 years), Grace (34 years), Ainsley (8 years), Isla (7 years), Tillie (3 3/4 years), Hatty (2 years)

narrated by: Benjamin

It’s been snowing like crazy, which leaves the girls feeling very pent up. Mostly it just means they are cranky, but in the case of Isla, it equals pestering behavior. If she isn’t jumping on the sofa, or antagonizing Ainsley, she is picking on Hatty.

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what am i waiting for

october 2023
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Peter Schehl (24 years), Elise Landry (26 years)

narrated by: Peter

Mom and Dad came by my place last fall, they were really adamant that I slow things down with Elise. I’ve been with Elise since I was pretty much eighteen, in that we started flirting then and she called things off with Isaiah Gavigan. Technically, which my parents always are much to my frustration, we officially started when I was twenty.

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