til death do us part

september 2030
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Elodie’s nerves were fraying as they arrived at Waverly Gardens. She was apprehensive about the union, and feeling melancholy for her Mom who was sitting at home alone; she didn’t even have Gulliver their dog since he passed.

Quint complimented Elodie as she walked over. He knew this day was a struggle for everyone, including himself. There was an underlying pathos amongst them all even as they tried to be happy for the moment.

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second beginnings (picaso wedding)

may 2027
Warren Dennis (49 years), Jessica Picaso (38 years), Jett and Flint (18 years)

She had been twenty when she’d had the boys, they were the beginning of her family, and she had expected another baby to follow after them. But none had. Matt hadn’t wanted another baby, but it hadn’t stopped him from fathering that girl when the boys were just five.

She’d fought for her marriage, pleading and yearning for a man that was less affectionate than a goldfish. She hadn’t agreed to the divorce until she was twenty-nine years old. He had tried to get full-custody out of spite, and was rewarded partial custody that he regularly failed to uphold.

She disliked the bastard daughter, but there had been a sort of irony when he was awarded partial custody of her too, and then his mistress died from addictions. Jessica didn’t wish the woman dead, well, she had, but never literally. But it still didn’t soften her anger towards the child, even as the boys had embraced her as a sister, she was still jealous that she existed, and her own daughter never had.

But now, on the eve of her second wedding, she doesn’t know if a third child is a dream she should follow.

Flint despises Warren. Should it matter? She can’t decide. He leaves for boot camp and to follow in his Dad’s footsteps in just a month. Despite all she has done to raise his empathy and compassion, she has failed. He idolizes his Dad, and treats Warren horribly. But he’s her son, she can’t disregard his feelings. Perhaps underneath his anger, he actually feels hurt that she’s marrying again.

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who will they be

april 2026
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(Andersen Household Profile)
Benjamin Andersen (39 years), Grace (36 years), Ainsley (10 years), Isla (9 years), Tillie (6 years), Hatty (4 years)

narrated by: Grace

With Hatty’s fourth birthday behind us, we finally feel that we are able to focus on our family and home as a whole. With toddlers, there are more basic needs like diaper changes, naps, and frequent snacking. Now all the girls can mostly fend for themselves, that me and Benjamin don’t feel entirely exhausted at the end of the day.

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this day is mine

january 2022
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(Goss Household Profile)
Kenzie Goss (59 years), Tyler (57 years), Dean (13 years)

narrated by: Dean

I begged Mom for a junk car, we don’t use the parking spot by the alley. She parks her car in the garage, and Dad doesn’t ever leave the house unless we force it upon him. But that wasn’t what persuaded her, mostly I told her that it would give me a hobby and a focus so that I didn’t get into trouble as a teen, and learn real world experience for when I’m an adult. She was sold. She spends her life at DHS, helping people of all ages that have lost their way, or were down on their luck, and she’s all about staying out of trouble at this age.

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happily together

may 2021
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(Krouse Household Profile)
Marshal Krouse (32 years), Lorelei (28 years)

narrated by: Lorelei

Marshal tried being subtle, by encouraging me to visit Erin often, just so I could spend more time with baby Mallory. I wasn’t fooled on what he was trying to do, but I was happy to oblige, I do like spending time with my friend. But lately he has started asking when I might want to start a family, he gets big puppy eyes, and pouty lips. It’s all quite dear, for now. I imagine if he keeps it up for years, I might grow weary of it.

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trappings of love

february 2019
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Lorelei Goss (26 years), Luca Traver (24 years)

narrated by: Lorelei

My cousin Luca moved in with me when Colin moved out with Erin. He’s an easy guy to live with, especially now that his girlfriend hates my boyfriend. With that new development, he rarely ever sleeps in his own bed. I hate the drama, I can’t handle my best friend, Erin being friends with someone who hates me, and the fact that Luca is my cousin, just means that Nadia has to get a grip.

I had the brilliant idea to just force us all together and just push past it. Marshal wasn’t positive it would turn out well, but Luca agreed that it couldn’t hurt. With that mediocre reception, I set forth to throwing a dinner party for us. I forgot that Marshal can’t grill, so I had to do that for him. He was chagrined over his girlfriend cooking the meat, hopefully it inspires him to learn.

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