The Tree

I liked how Pine Hollow faded out those that had died, hope it’s ok to use that here.

Dannon was my legacy family.

Twins have a * next to their name.
Census here.

McCarthy Family

  • George McCarthy married Mandy Harris
    • Finn McCarthy married Nicole Thompson
      • Grace Andersen married to Benjamin Andersen
        • Ainsley Andersen
        • Isla Andersen
        • Tillie Andersen
        • Hatty Andersen
      • Emma Holmes married to Chris Holmes
        • Chaz Holmes
        • Daz Holmes
        • Evan Holmes
      • Oliver McCarthy
      • Zilla McCarthy (alien baby)
      • * Julius McCarthy
      • * Elias McCarthy
      • Lily-Mae McCarthy
    • Hazel Woodfolk married to Jude Woodfolk
      • Bea Woodfolk
      • Monroe Woodfolk
      • Roman Woodfolk
    • Violet-Adele McCarthy (adopted; birth mom Adele)

Dannon Family

  • Holly Dannon married/divorced Daniel
    • * Milla Dannon-Traver married Peter Traver
      • Ethan Traver married Meredith Darling / married Cynthia Collins
        • Cara Darling (not Ethan’s daughter) married Charlie Grimsley
          • Rachael Darling-Grimsley(father Stephan Aliotto)
          • Lulu Grimsley
          • Jake Grimsley
        • * Luca Traver married Nadia Browning
          • Kai Browning (step son)
          • Mavis Browning
          • Clio Browning
          • Thea Browning
        • * Colin Traver
          • Logan Traver (Erin Louie Mom)
          • Mallory Traver(Erin Louie Mom)
        • * Caitlyn Traver
          • Thomas Traver (Lewis Traver Dad)
        • * Aidan Traver
      • * Delaney Traver-Schehl married Jared Schehl
        • * Meg Schehl
        • * Peter Schehl married Elise Landry
        • Lauren Schehl married Isaac Gavigan
        • Lizzie Schehl
      • * Kenzie Traver-Goss married Tyler Goss
        • Zeke Traver (father Colby Tellerman) marriedd Brynn Huffman / married Morgan Russo-Traver
          • Lewis Traver (Brynn’s son)
            • Thomas Traver (Caitlyn Traver Mom)
          • Vivienne Russo-Traver
          • Cicely Russo-Traver
        • Lorelei Goss married Marshal Krouse
          • Penelope Krouse
        • Dean Goss (adopted, birth mom Brynn Traver)
    • * Myra Dannon-London married Randy London
      • Cole London married Lucy Burb
        • Alice London
        • Mattie London
        • Itzel Cruz-London (adopted – Hector & Luz Cruz parents)
        • Milo London

Creelman Family

  • Sean Creelman married Abby LeTourneau-Creelman
    • Eliza Creelman
    • Ella Creelman
    • Eva Creelman-Barthelet married Nicholas Barthelet / married Gideon Prince
      • Paloma Creelman
      • Linnea Barthelet
      • Dahlia Prince

Millett Family

  • Merrill Millett married Norma Gummidge-Millett
    • Grant Millett married Leah Millett
      • Hadley Millett
      • Julia Millett
        • Nolan Millett (Isaiah Gavigan Dad)
      • Simon Millett

Grimsley Family

  • Arthur Grimsley married Sara Wickfield
    • Tim Grimsley married Bekah Temple-Grimsley
      • Lainey Grimsley (adopted)
        • Silas Abbott
      • Willa Grimsley
      • Holden Grimsley
    • Charlie Grimsley married to Cara Darling-Grimsley
      • Rachael Darling(father Stephan Aliotto)
      • Lulu Grimsley
      • Jake Grimsley

Russo Family

  • John Russo married Regina Flack-Russo
    • Morgan Russo married Zeke Traver
      • Lewis Traver (step son)
      • Vivienne Russo-Traver
      • Cicely Russo-Traver

Siew Family

  • Quinten Siew married Rebecca Player-Siew
  • Scarlett Siew
  • Elodie Siew (adopted)
  • Wyatt Siew
  • Tyson Siew

Carver Family

  • Annie Carver
    • Ella Carver (Matthew Picasso Dad)
    • *Marisol Carver (Cesar Gonzales Dad)
    • *Manuel “Manny” Carver (Cesar Gonzales Dad)

11 thoughts on “The Tree

  1. Probably a silly question, but how did you manage to get the tree to be single-spaced rather than double-spaced? I could do with a similar arrangement for Summer Grove and I’m having trouble with it!

  2. Are you coding it by hand? That’s how I did mine, might make a difference.

    I did mine like this – (without the spaces)

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