Paloma Brindley

Name: Paloma Brindley(née Creelman)
Age: 28 (in 2026)
Year Born: November; 1998
Height: 5’8″ (tall)

Parents: Eva and Nicholas Barthelet (deceased); Gideon Prince (step-dad)
Siblings: Linnea and Dahlia (half-sister)
Partner: Adam Brindley (spouse)
Past Romantic History: Oliver McCarthy (ex-boyfriend); Brandon (one night stand)
Children: N/A

Education: High School Graduate
Job: Owner of Love + Flour
Previous Employment: Server at The Red Mill; Server at Orchard Cafe; Barista & Baker at Planet Java
Businesses Owned: Love + Flour

Aspiration: Family/Pleasure
Hobby: Cuisine
Fav. Color: Teal

Paloma as a Teen

Paloma as a child

Paloma as a toddler

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