home of love and dreams

march 2032
Riley Gray (24 years), Caleb (24 years) Quinn (2 years)

It’s rough water at first, living with her twin brother again. Their personalities are very similar, except Caleb has no sense of humor. This makes him more judgemental and irritable than Riley ever feels.

He’s supposed to be helping with rent, but he’s unemployed. He has a four year degree in Meteorology, but there hasn’t been any openings in nearly a year since he graduated.

It only makes sense then that Caleb babysit Quinn while Riley goes to work at Zoe-Gen. This is something her Mom had been doing, despite having a full-time job herself. It’s one reason they paid the down payment for Riley, and getting a babysitter was their hope. But it doesn’t make sense financially, considering Caleb isn’t even paying rent without a job.

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