it’s just business

When I was setting up the profiles, I thought it would be nice if I could link to actual businesses for those that own/work at them. I built some, I downloaded others, if you have any specific questions regarding a lot, let me know, and I’ll see what I can do.

In Alphabetical Order

Beach Chapel
Operated by: City of South Port
Address: Ocean Shore Drive (South Port)
more photos: here

Evergreen Cemetery
Operated by: City of South Port
Address: Pacific Lane (South Port)

Farmer’s Market
Operated by: Myra London
Address: South Main Square (South Port)

Jefferson Public Pool
Operated by: City of South Port
Address: Hathaway Street (South Port)

Landgraab Community Center
Operated by: City of South Port
Address: South Turkey Run Road (South Port)

Lincoln Park
Operated by: City of South Port
Address: Ridge Way (South Port)

London Grocery
Operated by: Lucy London
Employees: Colin Traver
Address: Division Street (South Port)

Mid-city Bar and Grill
Operated by: Declan Pritchard
Address: Hemlock Lane (Millwood)

Mixed Tape (teen hangout)
Operated by: City of South Port
Address: West Ridge Way

Northern Moose Camping Gear
Operated by: Merrill Millett
Address: Pioneer Lane (Millwood)

Operated by: Eric Ellsworth
Employees: Charlie Grimsley and Grace McCarthy
Address: Hathaway Street (South Port)

Planet Java
Operated by: Janelle Kalson
Employee: Jude Woodfolk
Address: Washington Ave (South Port)

Sans Shanti (yoga)
Operated by: Fiona Melvin
Address: East Territory Road (South Port)

South Soda Shop
Operated by: Hazel McCarthy
Employees: Rebecca Siew
Address: East Territory Road (South Port)

Steele Ice Rink
Operated by: City of South Port
Address: Washington Ave (South Port)

The Red Mill
Operated by: Eric Ellsworth
Employees: Eva Barthelet
Address: Hoover Road (South Port)

Toy Box
Operated by: Reed Welsh
Employees: Luca Traver and Mimi Popper
Address: Pioneer Lane (Millwood)

Zoe-Gen Bridal
Operated by: Nicole McCarthy
Employees: Oliver McCarthy
Address: Hoover Road (South Port)


8 thoughts on “it’s just business”

    1. I’m not even done with my hood, in my previous page I only showed one section of South Port, it’s a lot bigger than that. A lot. It’s just not picture worthy yet, and I get caught up in playing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      As for the community lots, I built a decent amount of them, and downloaded a lot of others too. If you have any specific ones you liked, I could tell you if I downloaded them, and from where. Or if I built them, I could easily package them up and share.

  1. Wow, I am always amazed how people are so detailed with their neighborhoods. I have my own “legacy” stories but nothing compares to those that I have read. I saw your comments on my blog and decided to take a look at yours. I love the detail you give to your lots. Keep up the great work and I will be adding your hood to my list.

  2. Maisie I like all the lots…but my favorites are Farmer’s Market, Landgraab Community Center, London’s Grocery, Northern Moose Camping Gear, Sans Shanti, Toy Box, and Zoe-Gen Bridal. Can you tell me where you got them or will you share them? I promise to rename them and redo the outside some so that they don’t resemble your lots too much. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ~~Nita

    1. Hi Nita, unfortunately many of these lots are from my old, old game, as in I’ve restarted my hood twice over since then. The tiny lots that you like are mostly all from ambers_journey on MTS because I played that particular hood on my laptop and required 1×1 community lots. Here is the Farmer’s Market & Sans Shanti, I edited it to fit my needs. And Grocery Store, and lastly the the Toy Store. So I don’t have all of the lots, but here are quite a few of them! HTH!

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