Jude Woodfolk

Jude 43 years

Name: Jude Woodfolk
Age: 43 (in 2026)
Year Born: August, 1983
Height: 6’0″ (tall)

Partner: Hazel McCarthy (spouse)
Children: Bea Woodfolk, Monroe Woodfolk, and Roman Woodfolk

Education: High School Graduate
Job: Rock Singer
Previous Employment: Coffeehouse Musician at Planet Java; Birthday Entertainer (Clown)
Businesses Owned: N/A

Aspiration: Popularity/Fortune
Lifetime want: Rock God
Hobby: Music and Dance
Favorite Color: Dark Gray

Jude as Adult
Jude 35 years

Jude 28 years

Jude as Teen

Jude as Child

Jude as Toddler

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