may birthdays 2029

Oliver McCarthy celebrates his 32nd birthday in the quiet of their home. They are both exhausted with all the wedding planning, and intend to do all their celebrating at their wedding instead. Brooklyn is fine with that, currently four months pregnant, and she’s finding herself exhausted between teaching her high school students and planning the wedding.

Avery and Eden Fink celebrate their respective birthdays of 34 and 15 with some Chinese delivery. Being a single Mom isn’t intuitive to Avery, but she’s doing her best. In a few years, Eden will be the age she was, and she really hopes that she doesn’t go out, partying, and sleeping with strangers. Eden is the best thing in her life, but she could do without the deadbeat donor that helped create her.

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in confidence

april 2029
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(Andersen Household Profile)
Benjamin Andersen (41 years), Grace (38 years), Ainsley (12 years), Isla (11 years), Tillie (8 years), Hatty (7 years)

It seems that their eldest daughters grew up and became independent in a blink. They aren’t begging to visit their Dad at the station, or play at the park with their Aunt Lily-Mae. Grace misses them as she packs up her two youngest and head to South Port.

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springtime tulips

april 2029
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(Prince Household Profile)
Eva Prince (54 years), Gideon (47 years), Dahlia (9 years)

We celebrated our tenth anniversary this month; we went down to the small cafe in Millwood and kept it simple. It’s hard enough these days to get time at home together, let alone an evening out. As it happened, it was a Wednesday evening, and we had the place to ourselves.

He’s been more then I could have ever asked, a great provider, a gentle husband, and a receptive Father.

Dahlia had a day off school for a teacher-work day, and I’m swamped with planning Oliver and Brooklyn’s wedding, that she went off to work with Gideon. He’s still a scholar at EU, and while she was excited to be on campus, it quickly grew dull when he really had to work.

They arranged to meet up with Linnea before the day was out though, and that brightened her spirits.

She really looks up to her older sisters, though she didn’t really grow up with them. They tend to spoil her a fair bit, which isn’t a very accurate depiction of sisterhood. I remember fighting with my sisters over everything from boys to hairbrushes.

Dahlia grows bored quickly of adult conversations though, and thankfully brought a jump rope along to entertain herself. She’s not as active as we would like, but she always seems to be on the prowl for entertainment, which seems oddly opposite.

We managed to sit down that evening before dinner, and enjoy the spring weather. It’s been warming up, the birds are coming back and waking us early in the morning. Dahlia even found some fireflies to chase, and some bubbles leftover from last summer to blow.

I am spending most of my days at Brooklyn and Oliver’s new house. They’ve decided to host the wedding at their home, it seemed to be a debilitating decision for them. We spent a fair bit of time at an old church, but Brooklyn detested the reception space, and refused to move people from one location to another.

She’s coming along with decisions much quicker now that the venue is picked. She’s decided on a small orchestra for music, which is a first for me. I’m not sure where I’ll procure the musicians, and am thinking I’ll be forced to place an ad.

The wedding dress is finally completed, and the bridal party is all set as well. I even managed to assist the Mother’s in their gowns, which means that it is down to the small things, like decorating, and which chairs are more comfortable plus affordable.

Oliver’s Grandma Mandy has been coming down to work in her old garden. They utterly destroyed it since she moved out, and Brooklyn’s back just isn’t up for the work. She’s planting vegetables that she thinks will look pretty for the wedding, but I’m not sure it wouldn’t have been better just to put a flower garden in.

Spending time with Brooklyn makes me miss pregnancy. It’s an absurd thought this far along in life, but it doesn’t help to know that Gideon always wanted one more, a sibling for Dahlia to grow up with.

I enjoy the nights that I get to tuck her in, I don’t stay at Brooklyn’s until the sun has set, but I usually get forced into shopping for the wedding and making arrangements with local businesses for flowers and such.

As much as she thrives on attention, she’s still incredibly charming and sweet. Gideon lucked out that he didn’t get Paloma as his only child, of all my daughters, she’s by the far the easiest and most easy to love.

We try to arrange our mornings to at least have some cereal together, and maybe some making out in the kitchen without Dahlia’s eyes on us. She’s not a big fan of our outward affection.

The nights that I’m not at home, Gideon does better than fine on his own. They throw impromptu dance parties, and he cuts loose. Dahlia always wants me home for dinner, but she’s never terribly upset when I can’t be, and I know why!

On the weekend we try and visit with one of my older girls. They are both incredibly busy, Paloma with her bakery, and Linnea with her classes. This particular weekend, I was able to talk Linnea into visiting us at Paloma’s house, and it all managed to work out.

Thankfully, Adam and Paloma have Custard to keep Dahlia entertained. She insists that she wants to be an Aunt and to have a baby to play with. She has zero experience with babies, by the time one is able to play with her, she won’t be interested in it.

Linnea went to sit at the table with Gideon and ask all his opinions on men. She had a not-so-stellar first date on her birthday, and hasn’t heard back from him. She isn’t sure how to move forward when she’s such a spazz, those are her words.

I could sit back and listen to these two talk all day long. It brings such warmth to me, knowing that Linnea thinks of Gideon as her Dad. Nicholas was pretty much nine months in the grave before she was even born, so a Father figure has always been missing for her.

Adam even came to lend his opinion, which is always tricky territory. Everyone knows that Linnea is madly in love with Adam, and she’s doing her best to control it. Thankfully Adam doesn’t make it more awkward by avoiding her or treating her like anything but a sister-in-law.

Adam disagrees with about everything Gideon gives for dating advice, insisting that it’s been far too long since he had anything in the game to have any current experience.

Paloma had brought me upstairs to talk. Unlike Linnea, she doesn’t really think of Gideon as a Dad, he’s more of my husband to her. They get along really well, but she knew Nicholas, and still remembers him.

She could barely admit what was troubling her, it took much coercion on my part before she admitted that she’s extremely anxious over the future. Adam is hoping to try for a baby in the next year, and she’s afraid that things are going too good.

Bless her, she’s always been my anxiety-ridden, whirlwind. She’s afraid that something is going to jinx them, that they’ll lose the business, the house, and never be able to provide for a baby.

Now she’s spending too much time thinking about parenthood, and that always makes it seem impossible. I insist that they’ll figure it out, that their business is doing wonderful, and Adam is diligently paying off their debt, which puts them financially in a good place.

She seemed to feel much better after our talk, but I know that a few hours lost in her own mind, will wind her right back up. Adam really has his hands full with my eldest.

I’m excited for the day that they are expecting a baby, something to cure this baby fever of mine. And I hope that their baby will think of Gideon as a Grandpa, even if Paloma doesn’t think of him as Dad. He’s excited for the day to take on that role, even though he’s still such a youngster. I’m glad that he embraces an older wife and all my crazy daughters.

Notes: Paloma’s aspiration was in the red, I’m not sure what got her there, so I pegged it on her anxious personality trait. Of all the kids, she’s the one who remembers everything and has more of a burden. I am super excited for them to have a baby! Probably in the next year! I know they are onboard!

Linnea still loves Adam, and she adores Gideon. Poor guy though, the baby want cropped back up, then Eva got it. It’s just way too late in the game. If only they had met when Eva was younger, and moved more quickly, then maybe. As it is, Dahlia is such a cutie, and totally loves her big sisters and Adam.

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april birthdays 2029

Barbara Gray was turning 48; it wasn’t a milestone birthday by any means, but she still felt hurt that her children didn’t intend to do more than just text her a Happy Birthday before their morning classes.

She tried calling both of their cells, and neither answered. She was forced to resort to texting, something she rather detested. Her fingers were clumsy, and nowhere near as agile as her children’s fingers. A mid-morning pick-me-up at the Cafe near campus, that was all she wanted. It didn’t seem like a birthday worth celebrating if her own children were too occupied to even visit for a few minutes.

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2029 Taxes & Explanation

Lilsisterg asked some questions on how I collect taxes and how the money is used.

I haven’t done taxes in a long time, but have been meaning to get back to it, so thank you lilsisterg for the push! 🙂

Credit for me doing taxes would go to Shana at Pine Hollow, who explained it on her website, many real life years ago. I likely gleaned inspiration from Carla & Starr as well because they are so inspirational to me.

When collecting taxes and fees how do you do it and where does the money go?

The money goes to the very first mayor, Mayor Steele, who is the treasurer now. Why? Because I don’t play him at all, (Marta’s Dad for readers), so the money is easy to keep separated.

I have given it the current Mayor in the past, then had them put it in a savings account with Monique’s computer. I found that I would have money leftover after their terms, and it required more house loading than I enjoyed to transfer the money.

As for the how…

I write down each household, separated by city, and then go through the hood screen, writing down their net worth. Which is $67,276 for Nicole and Finn McCarthy.

After I write down everyone’s, I go through each, and give them their eligible deductibles.

Finn & Nicole McCarthy
networth- 67,276
5% tax rate, they owe $3364
$1000 marriage credit
$500 child-credit
$1500 Biz Owner
total owe – $364 (which would have to be rounded up for Monique’s PC)

Here is all of Millwood’s taxes. Green highlights mean they are receiving money back from the government. Yellow highlight means they are renters.

I wasn’t taxing renters previously, but have decided to do so again. I have also dropped my tax rate from the old 10% & 15% to 5% & 10%. I felt that it was taking too much money from my sims, and that I could ether lower the percentage or spread out how frequently I do taxes. I may change it back later, perhaps Mayor Kenzie Goss is just giving a lower rate to encourage growth, and the next Mayor will raise them. 😉

I visit each household, and have them send the money to Treasurer Steele with the PC, and that’s it.

If you want to account for your townies, you can take your total amount and just double it, then cheat that money into your Mayor or Treasurer’s account.

How do you deduct the money used for building infrastructure.

I mostly use the money for the Mayor’s Project. Example: Bekah Grimsley’s Aquarium, or Kenzie Goss’ Rec Center. Those were their platforms to get elected. I just build to my hearts content, and then check the price on the hood screen. I round the number to an even amount, and then have Treasurer Steele donate that money with Monique’s PC.

Let me know if you have further questions!

Breakdown of 2029 Taxes

Total Taxes Collected – $281,881

Child Credits Given – 62
Marriage Credits Given – 35
Business Credits – 14

Households Taxed – 58

Mean Household Worth
Millwood – $103,437
South Port – $71,847

Largest Rebate: Cesar Gonzales – $2,585

Richest Playable Households:
Cole London – $578,481
Violet-Adele McCarthy & Etienne Bernard – 318,400
Jude & Hazel Woodfolk – $204,603

Poorest Playable Households: (excluding renters)
Emma & Chris Holmes – 39,314
Peter & Elise Schehl – 31,684
Nadia & Luca Browning – 30,260

Notes: Since the last time I did taxes, there are quite a few new households on the richest/poorest lists. I don’t expect Peter & Elise to remain on the poorest list for too long, they are a bit house poor at the moment though. The richest list is entirely new excluding Cole London, who became exceedingly rich now that his Mom’s assets and sold business money is combined with his.

If I included renters, Isaac and Lauren Gavigan would be the poorest with $344.

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fresh air and sunshine

march 2029
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(McCarthy Household Profile)
Finn McCarthy (56 years), Nicole (55 years), Elias (22 years), Lily-Mae (17 years)

Nicole has been happy having Elias back home, she was wary that he would marry the city-girl and run off to South Port to live. The debt involved with the farm and renovating the house were extreme, and it was all for naught if Elias abandoned that dream.

She wasn’t happy that her son was heartbroken over the break-up. He mostly kept it under the lid, but now and then she could hear him from his bedroom. It was an unhappy coincidence that the two largest rooms in the renovation were next to one another.

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lemonade dreams

march 2029
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Silas Abbott (29 years), Lainey Grimsley (27 years), Silas Abbott (1 1/2 years)

narrated by: Lainey

We managed to survive Michael joining the police force, and Silas is doing fine with the babysitter, although I still don’t think the situation is ideal. I installed a nanny-cam so I can keep an eye on her, and found that she watches an insane amount of television. However, Silas always seems happy and she does tend to his needs, so it’ll do for now.

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