Scarlett Siew

Name: Scarlett Siew
Year Born: April; 2010
Height: 5’8″(tall)

Parents: Quinten and Rebecca Siew; Miriam (step-mom)
Siblings: Elodie (adopted), Wyatt, and Tyson
Step Siblings: Shira, Asher (twins)
Partner: Devonte Ray, Michael Popper
Past Romantic History: Alex Welsh (first kiss/woohoo), Johnathan Shaw
Children: N/A

Education: Eastborough University; Philosphy Major; 3.5 GPA
Academics: 51 SAT
Job: N/A
Previous Employment: N/A
Businesses Owned: N/A

Aspiration: Popularity
Hobby: Music and Dance (Guitar and Country Music)


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