celebrating milestones

february 2028
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(Name Household Profile)
Chris Holmes (40 years), Emma (37 years), Chaz (13 years), Dax (5 years), Evan (5 years)

narrated by: Emma

Chris turns forty this month, and thought he ought to dye his hair back to natural before he went totally gray. He saw that my cousin, Monroe was rocking a faux hawk of sorts, and he decided that it was time he got more adult hair.

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repeat offender

june 2024
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(Holmes Household Profile)
Chris Holmes (36 years), Emma (33 years), Chaz (9 years), Evan (1 year), Dax (1 year)

narrated by: Emma

The twins turned one, and it had been the most difficult year of my life. I celebrated with Chris, the husband I hadn’t been intimate with more than a handful of times since the twins arrived, and spent evenings with even less. But then, I realized that the one year mark didn’t really change anything. Suddenly the twins were climbing out of beds, and I was waking up to find Evan sleeping on my bedroom floor.

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something like hope

august 2020
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Chris Holmes (32 years), Emma (29 years), Chaz (5 years)

narrated by: Emma

Chris is working second shift, which leaves me and the kid to fend for ourselves at night. I honestly don’t know what to do with him, and he’s not a very demanding kid. I imagine if I had gotten a high maintenance kid, that I would have lost my mind by now. We have a table that my Grandma bought for us, but no one eats at it. He’s perfectly fine to eat a grilled cheese sandwich on the sofa for dinner.

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april 2018
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Chris Holmes (30 years), Emma Holmes (27 years), Chaz Holmes (2 1/2 years)

narrated by: Emma

Two years ago Grace hired Joslyn to help out at the Salon. She was concerned that we couldn’t do well raising kids, and running a salon without an extra hand. I wasn’t exactly joining the welcome party at that point, but recently Grace has promoted her to an assistant manager, and it’s been great having the same day off as Grace.

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third gear all the way

august 2016
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Chris Holmes (28 years), Emma McCarthy (26 years), Chaz Holmes (1 year),

narrated by: Emma

Grace had called a week before Chaz turned one to see when the party was, when I told her I wasn’t going to throw one she got pretty upset over it. I don’t see the big deal in parties, he won’t remember it anyway, heck, he’s practically still a baby, he doesn’t get much of anything. I figured I’d pick up a frosted cookie from the bakery in some cartoon character shape, and call it a day, maybe hit the park before naptime. Seemed like an appropriate response to a kids first birthday, but Grace disagreed.

She volunteered to host the party, and would take care of it all. I agreed, cause she seemed to really care about it, and only had one stipulation, our parents were not to be invited. They wouldn’t come anyway, but I wasn’t about to send any archaic social politeness invitations in their direction.

Grace didn’t need anything from me, other than to arrive, so of course, the morning of the party, we were running late. I was rushing through my breakfast cereal when Chris got his little grin. It’s the grin that says, “I’m cute, and you know it.” Which is usually followed by some mischief that he knows I’m not interested in, but he wants me to be.

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Chris Holmes

Name: Chris Holmes
Age: 40 (in 2028)
Year Born: February, 1988
Height: 5’9″ (average)

Partner: Emma Holmes
Past Romantic History: N/A
Children: Chaz Holmes, Evan and Dax (twins)

Education: High School Graduate
Job: Auto Mechanic
Previous Employment: Gas Station Attendant
Businesses Owned: Holmes Auto Repair

Aspiration: Popularity/Pleasure
Hobby: Tinkering
Favorite Color: Silver Grey

Chris as Adult

Chris as Teen

Chris as Child

Chris as Toddler