Dwyer, Siew

parental rights

december 2032
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Miriam Siew ( years), Quint ( years), Elodie (16 years), Shira (15 years), Asher (15 years), Wyatt (12 years), Tyson (10 years), Noam (1 year)

Winter break, and Elodie found herself back at her Dad’s house. There had been a growing animosity between the girls, but it stemmed from Elodie. She couldn’t quite explain the reason, because she had won the affections of their mutual crush, Kai Browning. Perhaps it was how Shira had simply moved on, always content, which irked Elodie.

She missed sharing a bedroom with her big sister, Scarlett, and she realized those days were in the past; she would never share a room with her again. Now she was stuck with perfect Shira.

She called Kai up to arrange a date with him, insisting it wasn’t too early to meet, and being rather loud on the phone. Shira rolled over, trying to maintain sleep.

Quint felt good that morning, and he decided to make breakfast for his large household, but Elodie declined.

Kai met up with her at Windshire Shopping Center to grab a quick bite, then hang around.

They’d been dating for 2 years this past month, and they discussed their future together without any qualms. Elodie felt as if she really had won when it came to Kai. He was sweet, kind, and thoughtful. Also he only had sisters, so he didn’t roughhouse like Elodie’s brothers did.

When Elodie was with Kai, she could forget about Shira and her Dad’s terminal illness, and just be in the moment. It was the only time she felt like a true teenager.

At home, Miriam struggled with a demanding toddler who could switch from being a charmer to a little devil in a blink. He opposed baths, and he hated his high chair to the point, they sold it.

Miriam and Quint had discussed having another baby so Noam could have a sibling his own age. It was uncomfortable for Quint to think about his own mortality and the legacy he’d leave behind, but even though they agreed to try, they hadn’t.

Noam might not have a sibling his own age, but he adored the ones he had.

The only one who didn’t actively play with Noam was Wyatt, but Noam didn’t seem to notice.

Christmas morning arrived and Miriam’s family came over to celebrate. Her Mother, Angie was always pleased to see her daughter and grandkids.

She always had kind words to say to her only daughter as well. At one point, Miriam had invited her to live with them instead of alone, but the household was too busy for Angie.

Elodie and Shira baked Santa cookies and cleaned up after themselves.

While Tyson squirreled away in his room, playing with his ants, and hiding his new cough from his Dad and step-Mom. Any infections that inflamed the lungs was risky for Quint, and all the kids felt guilty when they got sick.

Marcus called that morning, informing his ex-wife he’d be over after lunch to pick up their kids. He hadn’t claimed any of his visitation rights or holidays ever, and Miriam hadn’t been concerned he would start. If she had, she might have taken him back to court to relinquish his rights, especially after he got physical with their son the year before.

He arrived just after 2 o’clock with a young-faced girl Miriam had never seen. She immediately felt it was the fault of the new fling for Marcus’ sudden interest in their kids.

Angie didn’t hold back her words as she accused Marcus of being a terrible father, and accusing him of taking the twins only to hurt Miriam.

The girlfriend just gazed at everyone, looking uncomfortable with the family drama.

Wyatt emerged from his room to check on the commotion, and he pulled Shira in for a hug as she cried around the corner.

While Asher and Shira prepared to leave, the doe-eyed girlfriend introduced herself as Tansy Collier, and Jessica immediately jumped into a conversation with her. Tansy recognized Jessica from The Red Mill, where Jessica waited tables.

Miriam watched from the kitchen, feeling like her sister-in-law had betrayed a sacred code between them. Even if Tansy was nice, Miriam was positive it was the young girl’s ideals which had brought Marcus out of the woodwork, and she only had so many holidays left with them before they left for uni or her new husband passed away, a thought she shoved down.

Shira finished packing first, watching Tansy from behind. She didn’t want to hate her just for dating her Dad, but she couldn’t help the judgement growing.

Tansy tried talking to Asher as he came in to grab a book to pack, but he wasn’t interested in entertaining Tansy. He decided she was trash upon first seeing her. Asher clung to anger toward his Dad from two birthdays past when his Dad had shoved him. He couldn’t forgive someone who wasn’t even sorry.

Tansy began to feel there was a nice family here, and that perhaps she didn’t fit in. It’d been awkward to encourage Marcus to bring the twins home to celebrate Christmas together, and it was clear, they didn’t want anything to do with her.

Finally packed, they left the warm festivities behind, and crammed into Marcus’ tiny sports car.

This was the first time the twins had been to their Dad’s newer home. It felt like a prison, as he intended to keep them the remainder of break, as was within his parental rights.

Tansy didn’t live with Marcus, but she did sleepover frequent enough. They were certain it was to keep an eye on them, because their Dad worked long hours.

Mostly they frittered time home alone. Shira was stressed, and she couldn’t get her face to clear.

She’d moved on from liking Kai, to being infatuated with Logan Louie. She was positive he didn’t know she existed, and when he finally noticed her, she didn’t want her face to be the before picture of an acne commercial.

Asher teased her about it when he wasn’t mourning his girlfriend, Molly Welsh’s absence. Her family went up to the Cascade Mountains for the holiday, and she didn’t even have cell reception.

They watched copious amounts of television. With Asher feeling down, he allowed Shira to pick whatever drama or romance she wanted.

Marcus had thrown bunkbeds up in his office for the twins to sleep on, and his computer was in the room, without a password required to login. Against Shira’s objections, Asher decided to purchase every single electronic he could find.

Shira swore she’d tell, but he knew she wouldn’t. She wanted to maintain peace at all costs, even getting mad at him for standing up for her with their Dad previously. They were twins, but sometimes Asher didn’t understand his sister.

When Tansy stayed over, she’d get on them to clean up their messes.

Which Asher ignored, but Shira always did.

Neither of the twins cared for Tansy though, and always trying to appease them exhausted her.

The twins were caught on numerous occasion gossiping about her, and it hurt her more than she wanted to admit.

Shira ended up with Tyson’s cold, and he had been sent back to his Mom, Rebecca’s house. Their prison time at Marcus’ house was now required to protect Quint’s lungs.

Tansy cried to Marcus, shocked how mean Asher could be to her. She had never done anything to him, and she didn’t want to be a step-mother villain. Asher even made fun of her being a dishwasher, which really hit home.

Marcus tried brushing it off, saying the kids were jerks, and their opinions didn’t matter, but when she didn’t immediately rally, he got upset with her for being too sensitive.

By the end of the week, Tansy managed to gain a semblance of friendliness when she invited them all into the hot tub. Previously, Marcus had denied the teens access, but when Tansy said it was okay, they immediately aligned with her.

Shira was thrilled to be surrounded by snow on Audubon Island in a hot tub.

Tansy inquired about their dreams and aspirations, and she asked about all their step siblings and little Noam. Shira felt Tansy genuinely cared, which softened her up to her more.

Even Asher managed a few shrugs and nods, although he didn’t offer much more, Tansy considered it a win.

When the twins went home at the end of Christmas break they weren’t friends with Tansy, but they didn’t hate her. As for Asher and his Dad, they still held animosity, but not such a strong rage as before.

Notes: Marcus started dating Tansy, and I felt she’d push him to be a better Dad. Likewise, I assumed Marcus pretended to be a better Dad than he really is. He’s fortune/romance sim, and he only rolls wants for buying more crap and sleeping around.

If Quint gets sick, I roll if he survives the sickness, so I try to keep him healthy, which isn’t terribly easy with such a busy household.

Both Quint and Miriam have the want to have another baby, but they didn’t even try this round, so I don’t know about that.

Shira has moved on from Kai, and now she likes Logan, who is already dating another girl, but he still likes Isla… messy teenage love.

Marcus’ new house tour is up on my tumblr.

This household finishes round 13! Woot! Thank you for reading!


3 thoughts on “parental rights”

  1. Pretending to be a better dad was my assumption when I saw Marcus had showed up at Miriam and Quint’s place! I feel bad for Tansy. She seems sweet and I’m not sure she’s in for the best relationship here.

    Poor Shira with her pimples! Logan probably gets them too but I understand how very not comforting that would be to a teenage girl!

    Ha, you should get a hot tub for Quint – it’s the best thing for getting sims healthy again! You don’t need to watch their hygiene or fun and they’ll generally stay in there until you tell them to get out.

  2. I know it’s been a long time. I’ve really missed everyone’s work, and this one is a challenge to work through particularly since I had a ex who lost his paternal visitation rights, and even he wasn’t as big a beast as Marcus. I’m surprised Tansy likes him. I was a little surprised that she stayed over when the kids were there but it was best that she did. I understand both Asher and Shira’s emotions, but they need to be civil at least, and I think they did. What a mess.

    The situation with Quint is sad and made even more difficult because of Marcus of course.

    I feel for Shira and her skin! That’s a terrible time to be a teenager.

    Really enjoyed this!

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