Cruz, London Family

plus one

July 2010
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Cole (47 years), Lucy (45 years), Alice (8 years), Itzel (2 years), Milo (4 month), Beasley and Barnaby (dogs)

The decision to adopt Itzel Cruz, led to the next decision. Home ownership. Myra greatly wanted her son and family to move to the subrubs of South Port, but they opted to stay in the heart of the city.

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given lemons

February 2010
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Cruz Household – Hector (30 years), Itzel (2 years)

Letters to Luz

You have been gone for a year now, and Itzel has changed so much in that period of time. Not as much as she did in her first year, but she’s gotten such a personality. She reminds me of you.

I don’t cry in front of her, so don’t fret your pretty head over that.

I do cry, but not as often. I think the process of grieving is getting near the end, in a way that I can be a good father for my daughter and move forward as a man.

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