Student Enrollment

September 2027-May 2028

Eastborough University

— Senior —
Lewis Huffman
*Caitlyn Traver
Zilla McCarthy
Rachael Darling
*Elias McCarthy

— Junior —

— Sophomore —
Itzel Cruz
Linny Barthelet
Caleb Gray (p.npc)
Riley Gray (p.npc)
Jill Popper
Rafael Martinz (p.npc)

— Freshman —
Willa Grimsley
Dean Goss
Jett Picasso (p.npc)

— Administration —
Principal : Bekah Grimsley
Teacher: Brooklyn Lange & Rosabella Steinman

— Seniors —
Milo London
Scarlett Siew
Lulu Grimsley
Simon Millett

— Juniors —
Bea Woodfolk

— Sophomores —
Ella Carver
Lily-Mae McCarthy
Alex Welsh (pnpc)

— Freshman —
Jake Grimsley
Monroe Woodfolk

— 8th Grade —
Holden Grimsley
Vivienne Russo-Traver
Cicely Russo-Traver
Eden Fink

— 7th Grade —
Chaz Holmes
Lizzie Schehl
Roman Woodfolk
Gemma Pacelli (pnpc)
Ezra Gavigan (pnpc)

— 6th Grade —
Ainsley Andersen
Elodie Siew
Kai Browning
Molly Welsh
Shira Dwyer
Asher Dwyer

— Administration —
Principal : Lucy London
Teacher: Miriam Dennis & Oliver McCarthy

— 5th Grade —
Isla Andersen
Logan Traver

— 4th Grade —
Manuel Carver
Marisol Carver
Nolan Millett

— 3rd Grade —
Wyatt Siew
Dahlia Prince
Rita Popper (pnpc)
Toby Welsh (pnpc)

— 2nd Grade —
Tillie Andersen
Mallory Traver

— 1st Grade —
Tyson Siew
Domenico Pacelli (pnpc)

— Kindergarten —
Hatty Andersen
Diego Martinez (pnpc)

— Preschool —
Mavis Browning
Dax Holmes
Evan Holmes


4 thoughts on “Student Enrollment

  1. Oh my goodness, is Itzel ready to start pre-school?! Time flies!

    That’s a huge first grade you have this year. How fun will that be when they’re all teens?

  2. You have a lot of students!

    By the way, I’ve been meaning to tell you, I love the new banner picture!

  3. I can’t believe Itzel will be starting preschool too, and then her little brother Milo will be next. And yeah, first grade is just insane! I wish there hadn’t been so many twins and surprise pregnancies! Spread it out a bit, but yeah, high school and college should be fun.

    Thanks Francesca! šŸ™‚

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