Darling Family, Traver Family

holding on and letting go

june 2032
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(Traver Household Profile)
Caitlyn Traver (26 years), Rachael Darling (26 years), Thomas Traver (7 years)

narrated by: Caitlyn

When Dad died, it only made sense to give the bedroom to Thomas, but he was terrified he’d see Grandpa’s ghost. Even though I didn’t exactly have the funds, I paid to redecorate the room just for him. It seemed to help, but I did miss snuggling with him.

He’s doing great in school, and I don’t know where he could possibly get that from. None of my siblings have a knack for studies, and I know Lewis doesn’t either. But we aren’t complaining.

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Darling Family, Traver Family

twilight memories

june 2030
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(Traver Household Profile)
Ethan Traver (68 years), Caitlyn (24 years), Rachael Darling (24 years), Thomas (5 years),

He preferred night time hours, all of his life. Growing up the oldest of three, he’d been expected to excel, to be a good big brother, but those things hadn’t interested Ethan. He slipped into the game world as a teen, and he never looked back. Cold turkey quits now and then to attempt saving his first marriage, to be a better Dad to his youngest, Caitlyn. But all in all, he didn’t see the harm in finding something he enjoyed.

Perhaps his first wife would have been happier, maybe still alive, if she’d found a hobby to enjoy.

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Darling Family, Traver Family

everyday I’m learning

june 2028
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(Traver Household Profile)
Ethan Traver (67 years), Caitlyn (22 years), Rachael Darling (22 years), Thomas (3 years)

narrated by: Caitlyn

Rachael and Lewis graduated with their relationship on the rocks. He got into a bar fight and barely managed to graduate; Rachael doesn’t have patience for that immaturity. So upon graduation, she moved in with me and my Dad, but his apartment was much too small for all of us. With the help of my Aunt Kenzie, I applied for aid as a single Mother, and was able to buy my own house.

I really wanted Thomas to have room to play and a yard to call his own. I know my dog, Bazooka is thrilled to have the fenced in yard too.

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Darling Family, Eastborough Uni, McCarthy Family

eastborough university – westfall hall

september 2026
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Lewis Traver (20 years), Rachael Darling (20 years), Zilla McCarthy (20 years), Perla Martinez (21 years), Caleb and Riley Gray (18 years), Jill Popper (18 years)

They fell into an easy rhythm. Them, alone, doing their own thing? That was the definition of simplicity.

Rachael had always felt a sense of ownership toward Lewis. He was hers, he always had been. They had both lost a parent, and they’d grown up playing on their front lawns together just outside of their townhouse as children. She’d never thought that he could be swept off by someone else, and now that he was there with her, it felt right.

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Darling Family, Grimsley Family

family investments

april 2023
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(Grimsley Profile)
Charlie Grimsley (38 years), Cara (33 years), Rachael Darling (17 years), Lulu (13 years), Jake (10 years)

narrated by: Rachael

I’m finishing up my junior year of high school, unexpectedly it has brought a sliver of a rift between me and Lulu. Our parents aren’t the type of parents to put “Honor Roll Student” on the back of their mini van. We don’t even own a mini van. But that hasn’t stopped others from giving me high accolades, and Lulu taking notice.

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